Online marketing is undergoing an unprecedented boom time, with many categories of ecommerce seeing buying intentions double and even triple.

According to a Nielsen report, more than half of the 22 product categories it tracks have seen shoppers’ buying intentions double since 2011, with several tripling in that time.

The list of high-growth segments is dominated by entertainment media formats: ebooks, computer software, music, video, event tickets and so on.

But consumables are also seeing strong growth in some online retail segments, including alcohol, flowers, sporting goods, toys, baby and pet supplies, and even cars.

John Burbank, president of strategic initiatives at Nielsen, says: “Finding the right balance between meeting shopper needs for assortment and value, while also building trust and overcoming negative perceptions … is vital for continued and sustainable growth.”

And those growth prospects are strong – a predicted 20% increase in B2C spending in 2014 alone – underpinning the business case for investing in online marketing.

With the global B2C ecommerce market predicted to hit $1.5 trillion this year, a rise of a fifth on 2013, the possibilities are huge for companies who are able to ride the wave with the right targeted investments into digital marketing.

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