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Conversation Costs

Marketing managers, advertising agencies and big brands are constantly try to communicate their message to you in an engaging way and it deliver via a medium you interact with consistently. In the past this has involved print media, radio and TV ads and in the past five years, online marketing.

Initially social media was ad free; its users could interact with their ‘friends’ without being irritated by endless pop-ups and cookie tracking. However, as the social media revolution truly began to take hold, advertisers began to realise its marketing potential; big brands could access demographic information like never before and serve ads directly into the inbox of their consumer of choice.

One by one each social media site gave in to its commercial aspirations. First it was FaceBook, with its targeted CPC campaigns and Fan applications and now – with the launch of its semantic ad platform – it seems micro-blogging site Twitter has joined the advertising party, much to the widespread distaste of its users.

It seems there really is no such thing as a free lunch or uninterrupted conversation for that matter.