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Content and SEO ‘best use of time’ for webmasters

If there was still any doubt, Bing have reiterated that content and SEO are among the best possible uses of your time if you are a webmaster.

Senior product manager Duane Forrester writes on the Bing Webmaster Blog that time is “the one thing we all want more of, yet no-one can create more of”.

This makes it important to spend time wisely when promoting a website – and to do things that not only work, but do so as effectively as possible in a short time frame.

“By far the number one area to invest your time in is around your content,” Mr Forrester writes.

“This is what people are actually looking for online, and most websites can improve the quality of their content.”

He adds that good content can be created much faster by identifying a narrow topic area based on “the things visitors are really searching for”.

This has dual advantages – not only by reducing the size of the task, but by ensuring content is focused, which can be good for its SEO effects.