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Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid


When it comes to SEO nothing is ever set in stone. Google is renowned for constantly updating its algorithms, making website optimisation tricky. Although, certain practices always remain the same, things that were once considered good practice can quickly become the exact opposite.

The key to having a healthy website that appeals to both users and search engines is playing it by the rules. Although the idea of getting top rankings instantly may seem tempting, good SEO takes time. In order to have a successful website, you must be patient and let things happen naturally.

There are various common mistakes that many website owners make in an attempt to improve rankings. Some are quite easy to fix, whereas others can have a disastrous effect on a website and can take months to reverse.

So what are the most common SEO mistakes that people make?

Buying Links

There’s no denying that linkbuilding is a huge part of any successful SEO campaign. It can greatly improve rankings and, if done right, can lead to long-lasting results. Since natural linkbuilding is rather time-consuming, many people make the mistake of trying to rush it.

Buying links has long been frowned upon by Google. Although it can improve your rankings in the short run, the results won’t last and your website will eventually get penalised.

Keyword Stuffing

If you have any experience with SEO, you are likely aware of the importance of keywords. They drive campaigns and are crucial to improving rankings; however, if used incorrectly they can also have a negative effect on your campaign.

Although keyword stuffing used to be common practice in the early days of SEO, search engines quickly became aware of this technique and began penalising websites guilty of abusing it.

It’s important to find the right balance in order to avoid getting penalised, which can be tricky especially if you’re attempting to target various keywords at the same time.

Low-Quality Content

Websites without content do not rank. It’s as simple as that. However, having low-quality content on your website is even more damaging than having no content at all.

Many people make the mistake of attempting to boost rankings by using content that isn’t useful to users. Relevance is extremely important when it comes to SEO; therefore, all content found on your website should be relevant and serve a purpose.

Rather than spamming Google with useless pages of irrelevant content, focus on quality over quantity.

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