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Christmas SEO surge has already begun


Strange things happen in September – supermarkets start selling Yule logs, pubs start taking bookings for the festive season, and the Christmas SEO surge begins in earnest.

It might seem incredibly early, with almost a third of the year still to go, but factor in the time taken to acquire stock, ship items out to customers, and even the slight delay in having new content crawled and indexed by the search engine robots, and Christmas can quickly seem much closer.

September 16th is one major turning point in the run-up to Christmas, as it marks 100 days until December 25th itself, and coincidentally (or perhaps not, depending on your viewpoint) is accompanied by a significant increase in search traffic.

Each year, the pattern of ‘Christmas’ searches is the same – there’s a rapid drop-off in January as the previous season ends, followed by a gentle climb from the end of the summer onwards.

But it is in mid-September when that climb overtakes the peak from the preceding January, and we have now reached that stage; search traffic in 2015 is now at its highest for terms including the word ‘Christmas’ and will continue to grow further until December.

That makes it an important time to get Christmas SEO campaigns underway if you haven’t done so already, to avoid letting your competition have a headstart.