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5 old-school web design tips making a comeback


Modern website design has its own set of rules – from mobile-responsive web design, to parallax pages where the background scrolls at a different speed to create a sense of the third dimension. But good web design is inescapably linked with the technology we use to view the web, and with our collective habits when… more »

Responsive web design – where should I put the CSS?


Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, were a huge step forward in web design, enabling site designers to separate the content of a web page from its formatting and structure for the first time. They are a way to create a consistent visual style across an entire site – using styles and classes to format elements… more »

The sophomore era of m-commerce


The age of m-commerce has reached its second stage, with device penetration soaring in the UK and abroad, the retail sector finally responding to its implications, but the market as a whole still far from maturity.   A Barclays Corporate report entitled simply ‘The future of m-commerce’ predicts the percentage of sales made via a… more »

What does the retirement of Internet Explorer mean for web design?

Internet Explorer

Microsoft recently announced that they are retiring old versions of Internet Explorer, meaning future patches, security updates and so on will only be available for the most recent version of the web browser on each Windows operating system. The move tallies with Microsoft’s trend towards encouraging users to update more promptly to new versions of… more »

The best and worst in modern web design

Touch Screen

Modern web design is an ever-changing discipline, so how do you know if you’re getting it right? Like it or not, Google have become the ‘world internet police’ when it comes to dictating what goes in modern web design – so make sure you’re keeping the leading search engine happy if you value your rankings…. more »

Twitter DM changes make social media marketing easier


Many businesses and sole traders use Twitter as a key component in their social media marketing mix, but recent changes have made it increasingly easy to do this. If you have never investigated Twitter as a way of reaching out to potential buyers, it is perhaps a better time than ever before to consider putting… more »

What IS mobile-responsive website design?


More and more website owners are catching on to the need for mobile-responsive website design, in order to avoid being penalised by Google in its search results for queries conducted from a mobile device. Known as Mobilegeddon, this is one of the search engine’s major updates of recent months, and it affects anyone with a… more »



Today’s the day; the supposed #mobileaggedon people like us have been talking about since the end of February, when Google announced their impending algorithm change. It’s been much talked about over the last couple of months and we’ve been working hard to ensure our clients were aware of the potential implications of ignoring the warnings… more »

website design predictions for 2015

website design predictions for 2015

Tom Pepper is our Creative Director and wanted to share with you his website predictions for 2015 – just call him Mystic Meg! My 5 website design predictions for 2015. Here are my top 5 website design predictions for 2015. None of these are actually new, designers and developers are already using these techniques, however… more »

How VAT MOSS affects web design

You may have heard about the new rules, commonly referred to as VAT MOSS, on the sale of digital products to customers in EU member states. From the start of 2015, these require VAT to be charged at the rate that applies in the customer’s own country – and apart from a hastily created last-minute… more »

Arrested development: When to redesign a website

web design

It’s easy to think of web development as a one-off, and online marketing as an ongoing process, leading many online brands to commission a relatively static site, and then go about trying to promote it. But research conducted at the University of Missouri-Columbia reveals when it might be better to redesign a website, rather than… more »

Moving towards touchscreen web design for desktop templates

Touch Screen

The rise of tablets and smartphones has led to a transformation in touchscreen web design – many sites now opt for an entirely separate mobile template optimised for touch, or use responsive CSS to remove page elements that depend on actions like ‘hover’ or ‘mouseover’, which are all but meaningless on mobile devices. But the… more »

Print vs. Digital: Which is Best?


Print media is often neglected these days as a less important part of branding and marketing. With tighter budgets and deadlines I can see why it is falling by the wayside, in favour of shiny new interactive media, but I still think it has great value. Henry Jenkins, celebrated author on the topic, writes about… more »

Always On: Millennials, smartphones and social media

smartphone design

Social media and mobile website design are among the key aspects of online marketing Manchester companies carry out week in, week out – but just how engaged are potential customers with social networks and smartphone-based web access? If your customer base is in the Millennials demographic, currently aged in their 20s-30s, the answer is that… more »

In need of a new playlist?


Hello there. I’m the newest member of the First Internet team, so be kind! I hail from North Wales with a background in digital marketing and promotions, largely working in the music and arts industries. Music is a huge passion of mine as a performer and as a gig-goer, Manchester’s rich culture and history steeped… more »

Understanding, creating and meeting client expectations


For my début First Internet blog I thought I’d dive straight in with a potentially taboo topic.   That topic is getting it “wrong” or “not delivering” to clients.  This is something we (digital agencies) are potentially faced with every time we begin a new client project or relationship. I speak with numerous business owners on… more »

Google warns of SEO implications of infinite scroll pages

An ever-increasing number of social networks, blogs and other regularly updated websites are making use of infinite scroll homepages, but not all webmasters realise the potential SEO implications of these. In a Google Webmaster Central blog post, Google have stressed the importance of making sure your pages – including the elements that do not load… more »

When it comes to online, teamwork counts!

Richard Blamire

In the pursuit of excellence in all things digital we often find ourselves brainstorming ideas or searching for the latest websites and online tools from which to gain inspiration and insight for our clients. This research and passion for staying at the cutting edge is what enables us to deliver exciting and innovative projects for… more »

5 websites for design inspiration

Tom Pepper

My Top 5 Websites for design inspiration Obviously a great resource for anything creative but there’s more to pinterest than fancy cakes and keep calm posters. Try searching pinterest by pinners or filter by category, this way you’ll find users with similar tastes and a stream of beautifully crafted pins. Clipdepelicula.com has some great work… more »

New Google website verification API may require web design work

The new Google website verification API is to become the standard method from March 31st 2014, with the old method deprecated from that date, potentially making some fairly advanced-level web design work a necessity to preserve website functionality. Verification is a fundamental aspect of building some apps using Google’s APIs, as certain processes can only… more »