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Getting on the map with local SEO


Using local SEO is an incredibly effective way to market your business online. Why? Because this type of marketing places your products and services right in front of a person who is preparing to make a purchase. Before you ask, no, we’re not mystics. In today’s blog we’ll be explaining why this should be part… more »

Climb higher than number one with a Position Zero ranking

position zero

Position Zero SEO is one of the most important techniques in search engine optimisation at the moment, and it’s something we’ve gained quite a reputation for here at First Internet, so we thought we’d share the knowledge. In this blog we take a look at this coveted space on the Google search results page, including… more »

What does Twitter’s latest update mean for brands?


What is the Update? Twitter’s latest update, tackles the bot problem which the social giant has been trying to keep under control for years. This is in direct response to a recent bot purge which sparked the #TwitterLockOut hashtag to start trending. Twitter has hopes that their newest set of guidelines will solve the problem… more »

Alternatives to Google Search Console Content Keywords


Some of the leading webmaster and SEO blogs were rocked in recent days by the news that the Google Search Console Content Keywords report has officially been retired, leaving a gap in some people’s assessments of their main content keywords. A post on the Google Webmaster Central Blog explained the decision to retire the Search… more »

5 things you didn’t know you could Bing


Google’s continued development of Universal Search – the notion that a single page of search results can contain every format you might desire – remains one of the biggest ongoing topics in SEO. But SERPs with image results, news headlines and videos are not the only way in which search is becoming increasingly ‘smart’ and… more »

The prime minister and the princess – a week in search

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May 1st-7th was a busy week, and while the one-off events that dominated the search landscape might not be something you can incorporate into ongoing SEO campaigns, they’re still worth a second look. In Google’s regular ‘Through the Google lens’ series on the search engine’s official blog, the birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of… more »

Election 2015: Insights from search


As the nation goes to the polling stations, Google Trends reported that “Who should I vote for” was a trending search in the UK, with over 20,000 hits – a clear indication that many people’s minds were not yet made up. So in a year when the two (or three, if you like) main parties… more »

Mobilegeddon: Google’s 5 steps to mobile-friendly sites

The end of April saw ‘Mobilegeddon’ hitting the headlines, and while we’ve been saying for months how important responsive web design and mobile-friendly websites are, Google’s algorithm update has really set that in stone. If your website has tiny text; if your links are too close together; if it uses Flash; if it does not… more »

Google Mobilegeddon and Twitter DMs ‘from anyone’


It’s been a busy week both in terms of SEO for mobile sites and social media, with Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ algorithm sharing the headlines with Twitter’s ‘DMs from anyone’ update. Google’s is the major of the two updates, so it’s worth stating once again – if your website is not mobile-friendly, it will now be penalised… more »

Why you might see more Facebook data from August


When it comes to planning your social media marketing, there are plenty of options – from a professional LinkedIn profile, to a friendly Twitter account, to the mini community of a Facebook page. But it’s fair to say Twitter has become the most pervasive platform in our offline lives, with hashtags appearing in the corner… more »

Make web forms mobile-friendly with autocomplete


Responsive web design is about to become an absolute imperative, as Google are now assessing websites for their mobile-friendly attributes, and will rank mobile search results accordingly. So you need to be doing everything you can to make sure your site is as mobile-friendly as possible – and once you’ve got your responsive web design… more »

What does the Budget mean for the internet?


The 2015 Budget speech had a few things to say about the internet in all its forms, with funding for better high-speed web access and even efforts to connect more household devices online. On broadband, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne pledged over half a billion pounds towards better connections, to get more people throughout… more »

Season’s Greetings & Christmas Closing Dates


Well, we’ve got the Christmas tunes on and the countdown is on…The First Internet studio will close at lunchtime on Wednesday 24th December 2014 and will reopen again on Friday 2nd January 2015. Although the office itself will be closed, Santa’s little helpers will be here if you have any emergency technical issues that need… more »

Print vs. Digital: Which is Best?


Print media is often neglected these days as a less important part of branding and marketing. With tighter budgets and deadlines I can see why it is falling by the wayside, in favour of shiny new interactive media, but I still think it has great value. Henry Jenkins, celebrated author on the topic, writes about… more »

‘Social’ goes real-world at SAScon search and analytics conference

SAScon, the Manchester-based Search, Analytics & Social Media Conference, took place on Thursday and Friday of this week, with the promise of “some seriously hardcore late-night social sessions”. If that sounds like a web marketer’s description of a Twitter hashtag campaign, then it’s not far from the truth, as the event is aimed at webmasters,… more »

Email Engagement – Talk To And Track Your Customers


Email Marketing is a great way to communicate with your customers and can be an effective marketing tool for many businesses.  It is an excellent way to build relationships with your consumers by communicating up-to-date information on your services or promoting special offers.  Furthermore it will then keep your products or services front of mind…. more »

Digital Adventures


My working life is all about increasing our clients’ online presence and enhancing time online. We aim to maximise the experience for your online audiences and often, engage them online for longer.  However, when I’m away from work, I wonder about the amount of time we spend online, particularly socially and recreationally and how it… more »

When it comes to online, teamwork counts!

Richard Blamire

In the pursuit of excellence in all things digital we often find ourselves brainstorming ideas or searching for the latest websites and online tools from which to gain inspiration and insight for our clients. This research and passion for staying at the cutting edge is what enables us to deliver exciting and innovative projects for… more »

Is Your Business Social Enough?


One of First Internet’s latest recruits David has been taking a look at the continued rise of social media and its importance for businesses across the globe.  Social media continues to gather pace and it’s really important that you can use this to your advantage within your marketing strategies. Over the past 12 months alone,… more »

Fresh is best

Tom Parson

Keeping your website fresh with current, relevant content can be a challenge. However, the benefits are numerous: New visitors will be more engaged and will perceive you as current and relevant It will give returning visitors a reason to come back to see new content Search engines will view your site as up-to-date and rank… more »