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Twitter Quality Filter reinforces need for ‘natural’ social media posts


The recently announced Twitter Quality Filter has raised concerns from some users that they might ‘miss out’ on posts from the accounts they follow, as the social network moves away from its hallmark chronological timeline. In a post on the Official Twitter Blog, the social network said: “Last year we began testing a Quality Filter… more »

Twitter could be about to get noisy


Major changes to Twitter are often met with dismay from long-time users, who are typically quite resistant to change, and the latest announcements from the social network have continued that trend. Over the past few years, certain elements have gradually been moved outside of the standard 140-character limit, although the core functionality of the site… more »

Twitter adds search-visible image alt text


Twitter recently announced the addition of ‘alt text’ image descriptions to its official Android and iOS apps, allowing users to add a plain text description to the images they tweet as an accessibility feature. Image Descriptions can be switched on under Accessibility in users’ account settings in the newest versions of the app on compatible… more »

Twitter Announces Facebook-style ‘Top Tweets’


Following several days of angry rumours, Twitter have finally confirmed that they are introducing a ‘top tweets’ section to the top of user timelines, similar to Facebook’s algorithm that brings the ‘best’ posts to the top of the screen, instead of the most recent. Many users objected strongly to the rumoured change even before it… more »

Twitter: What is a Website Card?


This week, some Twitter users received emails from the social network inviting them to create a Website Card. “A Website Card makes it easy to connect [Twitter with your site] and boost your traffic and conversions,” the email stated. “Compared to just tweeting out a link, it’s a simple and creative way to give users… more »

Happy 5th Birthday, Twitter Advertising!

Twitter Advertising

This month marks the 5th birthday anniversary for Twitter advertising, ensuring Twitter as a hugely profitable digital marketing tool and one of the largest social networking forces to be reckoned with in the entire world! The highly successful form of marketing, allows marketers to buy tweets that show up in users’ timelines, much like a… more »

Twitter updates mobile trends and retires Discover tab

responsive web design

With about two weeks left before Google’s April 21st algorithm update to prioritise mobile-friendly websites in mobile search results, Twitter are also focusing on updates for their users on the move. The microblogging platform has announced a change to how it displays trending topics on some mobile apps, starting with iOS and Android. Other platforms… more »

Madonna’s Brits stumble sets Twitter alight


It’s not the first time a wardrobe malfunction has set the social networks alight, but Madonna’s stumble at the Brit Awards had one of the biggest responses in recent times, dominating Twitter timelines long after her performance was over. This time around, it wasn’t that the singer was over-exposed – quite the opposite in fact,… more »

‘Quick promote’ lets MVP tweets be amplified


When you visit your tweet activity dashboard on Twitter, you have the opportunity to see which of your tweets are performing best in your social media campaigns.   But wouldn’t it be nice if you could make these ‘most valuable players’ visible to a wider audience – a wider, but still relevant audience?   Now… more »