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Print Design

Print vs. Digital: Which is Best?


Print media is often neglected these days as a less important part of branding and marketing. With tighter budgets and deadlines I can see why it is falling by the wayside, in favour of shiny new interactive media, but I still think it has great value. Henry Jenkins, celebrated author on the topic, writes about… more »

Imagery makes all the difference

Imagery is a key ingredient in any website, whether it be illustration or photography, images invoke emotion and can instantly set the atmosphere for your website. Imagery can make the difference between a good website and an amazing website, a customer buying your product or going elsewhere, or just making your business look more professional…. more »

We do design for print too!

Here at First Internet we specialise in web design and online marketing, but we also provide design for print such as brochures, stationary, logos etc. Today I’m going to talk about business cards – the design process and the options available to you. Content Comes First Content is king so make sure you have all… more »