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Google removes right-hand ads from SERPs – what does this mean for SEM?


The search engine marketing (SEM) community has been buzzing in recent days with the news that Google will no longer display ‘paid’ or ‘sponsored’ ads at the right-hand side of its search engine result pages, or SERPs. In recent years, a normal SERP has contained advertisements at the top, and a column of ads down… more »

Bing adopts https – there goes the keyword data


The great ‘not provided’ purge of keyword data when Google made the move to ‘https’ encrypted search traffic by default was the scourge of SEO managers everywhere, but until now Bing has continued to pass keyword data through to analytics platforms, providing a smaller snapshot of search performance. That is about to change – in… more »

New Year’s Resolutions

Kat Halsall

The New Year is the perfect time to reflect on the success or pitfalls of the previous year’s efforts, revisit goals and targets and revise your marketing strategy. Be honest with yourself when you assess what worked for you in 2014, stop throwing money at mediums that aren’t working for you, your budget may be… more »

Avenues to online marketing Manchester firms can use

online marketing

There are many different types of online marketing Manchester firms carry out, from on-site SEO to link-building, pay per click (PPC) and banner advertising. A Google Webmaster Central Blog post goes beyond this, pointing out the potential to create social networking profiles, appear on online maps, and so on. But what are the best methods… more »

Google is at it again!

Kat Halsall

An important part of any SEO or PPC campaign is keyword research, it is crucial to nail the fundamentals and get the foundations in place before storming ahead with your campaign. So to help us Google has…made it as difficult as possible? Hmm. Not content with removing a whopping 95% of keyword traffic from Google… more »

The line is just a dot to you!

Kat Halsall

Google loves to keep us on our toes and is constantly moving the goal posts, just last week they dropped some of the key features of Google authorship – a project it’s been pushing and promoting since 2011. With Google’s continuous updates and changing of direction it is imperative to cover all bases and compliment… more »

Low cost delivery – delivering sales this Christmas

Richard Blamire

With the announcement that in the New Year retailer Morrison’s intends to offer home delivery from their new online store for just a pound (compared to Tesco and Sainsbury’s, minimum £3 and £2.99 respectively), it got me thinking just how important reduced postage and packing costs are to successful online sales. The retail world has… more »

Prioritise your revenue over Google’s

Kat Halsall

Google has made itself an awful lot of money in its fifteen year history, have been instrumental in the rise of the internet business and are pioneers of search engine advertising.  However, the ever growing complexity of their Adwords system, especially where the Display Network is concerned, has seen revenue opportunities for themselves take precedence… more »

Sign up for PPC in September and we’ll match your first month’s spend!


Want to give PPC a go but not sure where to start? Let us do the hard work for you! Plus, as an extra incentive, if you start your first campaign in September, we’ll match your first month’s spend up to £200! Contact us today to get started. One of the (many) great things about… more »



So, does Google actually think it’s outside of the law?  It certainly seems that they’d prefer one rule for them and another for everyone else. The search giant is doing its very best to avoid a large bill for breaching the privacy of iPhone users by arguing that it is not subject to British laws…. more »

Location bid adjustments make AdWords more powerful for Manchester PPC campaigns

Manchester PPC campaigns based on Google’s AdWords platform just got a little easier to manage, as a post on the official Inside AdWords blog explains. With location bid adjustments, it is possible to add a percentage of extra budget to bids for a particular keyword when the ad is displayed to a user in a… more »

Bringing New Year’s Resolutions into paid search campaigns

Paid search campaigns can benefit from New Year’s Resolutions, even if you made them to improve your personal life. In an Inside AdWords blog post, the DoubleClick Search team list five resolutions for webmasters to try and stick to – and claim that DoubleClick Search itself can help them to do so. For instance, paid… more »

Bulk editing gives large-scale control to AdWords PPC campaigns

Digital marketing agencies had reason to rejoice this week as Google unveiled bulk editing tools to make AdWords PPC campaigns easier to manage. The tools allow large-scale changes to be made across entire accounts – for example, a global 5% increase in maximum cost per click bids. Websites that have moved to a different URL… more »

Paid search ‘transparent and measurable’ for web marketing

Paid search continues to be a popular part of many online firms’ web marketing mix, thanks to its good levels of transparency and measurability, reports PricewaterhouseCoopers. The business analyst claims that digital advertising spend in the UK totalled £2.6 billion in the first half of 2012, including expenditure on paid search, classified ads such as… more »

‘Best in class’ firms 48% more likely to use PPC alongside SEO

‘Best in class’ firms are 21% more likely to use natural SEO, and a massive 48% more likely to invest in PPC, than those that lag behind the industry average, reports Aberdeen Group. In a newly published research brief, the analyst looks at how the very best performing companies invest in SEO in both its… more »