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A picture paints a thousand words…and more!

Photography Manchester

As most SEO companies will tell you, you can’t have a good website without good content.  Good content however doesn’t just mean the written text on your website; it’s about website photography as well.  They say a picture paints a thousand words, and this can make an image easier for your website visitors to take… more »

50 billion images. (Or Print vs Digital Part 2)


As a digital project manager, assisting clients with content management is often a significant part of the role. Tom discussed in a recent post that good photography is crucial to a good website and as an agency, we are meticulous in ensuring the very best image is used to portray the correct message. Managing and… more »

Why bad photography can really hamper your marketing efforts

Photography Manchester

Why making do with the photography you have can really hamper your marketing efforts… Investing in new or updated on or offline marketing, be it in the form of a new website, email marketing campaign or PR activity is a major investment for most businesses. It’s an investment we at First Internet respect and we… more »