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intranet development

Responsive web design – where should I put the CSS?


Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, were a huge step forward in web design, enabling site designers to separate the content of a web page from its formatting and structure for the first time. They are a way to create a consistent visual style across an entire site – using styles and classes to format elements… more »

Twitter DM changes make social media marketing easier


Many businesses and sole traders use Twitter as a key component in their social media marketing mix, but recent changes have made it increasingly easy to do this. If you have never investigated Twitter as a way of reaching out to potential buyers, it is perhaps a better time than ever before to consider putting… more »

Intranet development helps you do more with data


We talk a lot about website development, but one service that is often overlooked by businesses is intranet development – something you might be wise to put higher on your agenda. An ever-increasing number of businesses now have some kind of website, blog or social media presence, as a way to market themselves online and… more »