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Google Core Update June 2019 – What you need to know for SEO

june 2019 google core update

The Google Core Update June 2019 was announced via the Google SearchLiaison Twitter account on June 2nd and was implemented the following day. A broad core update is made when Google alter their search ranking factors, but not in a specific technical way. That means there is no specific action webmasters should take in order… more »

Google and Facebook team up against fake news


In recent months and in the run up to the UK general election, both Google and Facebook have been under pressure to address fake news. BuzzFeed research found that in the months running up to the US election, the top performing fake news items generated more engagement than top stories from major news outlets. The… more »

Google Announces Invisible reCAPTCHA, Marking End of an Era for (Human) Users


If you were born prior to the turn of the millennium, you most likely associate the word “CAPTCHA” with an instant feeling of irritation and a squinting of the eyes, in an attempt to read two garbled and barely legible words from a small box on your computer screen.   Thankfully, we’ve come a long… more »

Google leads the way with HTTPS for Blogger


Google have revealed that all Blogger-hosted blogs will use a secure HTTPS connection in future, with the transition due to be completed by early May. HTTPS means any data sent by the website to the user’s computer, or vice versa, is encrypted so that sensitive information like credit card numbers cannot be stolen simply by… more »

How to get on the first page of Google

We all know the first page of Google search results is the holy grail for any webmaster, but how do you actually get there? Organic SEO is a good starting point, but there are other options too, so here’s a near-comprehensive rundown: Organic SEO is about placing good-quality content on your website with your target… more »

What happened to the Google logo?


If you’re a frequent Google user, you probably noticed the major change to the search engine’s logo at the start of the month. No doubt inspired partly by the restructuring of Google under new parent company Alphabet Inc, the updated logo eliminates the serif font used since Google’s inception, along with the 3D embossed effect… more »

What will Alphabet Inc mean for Google SEO?


Alphabet Inc has dominated the headlines over the past week or so, following the surprise announcement that Google’s search activities are to become just one company of many under a new parent brand. So what does this mean for Google SEO? Well, it shouldn’t mean any major changes – think of it more as a… more »

Google to warn against unresponsive web design?


‘Responsive web design’ has been one of the buzz terms of 2015 for SEO, particularly since Google’s so-called Mobilegeddon update, which penalised the rankings of websites that do not display well on mobile devices, when they appear in search results on those devices. Now it seems like Google are going further to flag up unresponsive… more »

Is Google+ Dead Yet?

Google Plus

Visit the Google homepage while logged into your Google+ account, and you might notice a change (although the truth is, a lot of people won’t even have noticed it). That is because where your name appears at the top-right of the homepage, it is now just plain text – it no longer links you through… more »

What IS mobile-responsive website design?


More and more website owners are catching on to the need for mobile-responsive website design, in order to avoid being penalised by Google in its search results for queries conducted from a mobile device. Known as Mobilegeddon, this is one of the search engine’s major updates of recent months, and it affects anyone with a… more »

Google+ Collections is taking on Pinterest Boards


I have been using Google+ since it’s creation, finding the social network a great place to get curated news from brands, businesses and my Interests. It is a perfect place to discuss the news among other like minded people. Google’s Dmitry Shapiro made the announcement via a Google+ post allowing brands and publishers the ability to create topic-based feeds for… more »



Today’s the day; the supposed #mobileaggedon people like us have been talking about since the end of February, when Google announced their impending algorithm change. It’s been much talked about over the last couple of months and we’ve been working hard to ensure our clients were aware of the potential implications of ignoring the warnings… more »

Twitter updates mobile trends and retires Discover tab

responsive web design

With about two weeks left before Google’s April 21st algorithm update to prioritise mobile-friendly websites in mobile search results, Twitter are also focusing on updates for their users on the move. The microblogging platform has announced a change to how it displays trending topics on some mobile apps, starting with iOS and Android. Other platforms… more »

Google’s Fools go mobile


In the month when Google’s ranking of mobile search results becomes heavily influenced by the ‘mobile friendliness’ of sites, it’s perhaps little surprise that the search giant’s April Fools pranks also leaned towards mobile users. Probably the best of the bunch was #ChromeSelfie, a supposed new service for mobile users of the Google Chrome web… more »

Google warning: Non mobile friendly websites to nose dive in Google search results


Google has announced plans to update their algorithm to give priority to mobile friendly websites in search results. On April 21st we will see non mobile and tablet optimised websites potentially disappear in mobile search results, as well as apps appearing in mobile search results where they haven’t been previously. With traffic from mobiles and… more »

‘Mobile-friendly’ is crucial for Google searches from April


As of next month, mobile searches conducted on Google will give specific preference to mobile-friendly websites in their results, making responsive web design more important than ever. For several years now, responsive web design – the ability of a website to correctly respond to work in mobile browsers and at smaller screen resolutions – has… more »

Measurement matters in online marketing

Online Percentage

What matters most in online marketing? Is it crafting the perfect marketing message, reaching the most potential customers, or the total number or size of orders placed? The answer, according to a Google Analytics Blog post, is measurement, which allows you to track the performance of all of the different aspects of your online marketing…. more »

A strong brand equals strong profits

Richard Blamire

You may have read in the news today that Larry Page, the CEO of Google, believes the company he helped found, needs a new mission statement. After 14 years of growth the ubiquitous brand has become one of the biggest companies in the world. So big in fact that the company may have nowoutgrown its… more »

All aboard the Panda SEO rollercoaster – again


Just when it seemed like the dust had finally more or less settled from Google’s rollout of its Panda SEO algorithm, the search engine giant has announced a new major update. Pierre Far shared the news on his Google+ account, having taken over from Matt Cutts during his current sabbatical from the role of Head… more »

Google is at it again!

Kat Halsall

An important part of any SEO or PPC campaign is keyword research, it is crucial to nail the fundamentals and get the foundations in place before storming ahead with your campaign. So to help us Google has…made it as difficult as possible? Hmm. Not content with removing a whopping 95% of keyword traffic from Google… more »