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Introducing Marketplace to Facebook


Rivalling Gumtree and eBay, Facebook introduces Marketplace where people can buy and sell with their local community via their mobile phones. In our very busy world, Facebook is known for connecting and keeping people updated with friends and family. However, Mary Ku (Facebook’s director of product management) admitted that in recent years, people have been… more »

Facebook Lifestage app vs. Snapchat


Facebook launches Lifestage app for school teens In a constant attempt to innovate and gain a younger audience, Facebook is directly taking on Snapchat by launching a video-sharing mobile app aimed at teenagers. Those who use the Lifestage app can create profiles based on shared pictures and videos according to their feelings, likes and dislikes…. more »

Facebook unveils AI image alt text


Image alt text was one of the very first places to get used for SEO, way back when marketers realised the text on their pages could be important in determining their rank in the search results. More recently, correctly worded image alt text became significant in Google Images searches, allowing the search engine to understand… more »

50 billion images. (Or Print vs Digital Part 2)


As a digital project manager, assisting clients with content management is often a significant part of the role. Tom discussed in a recent post that good photography is crucial to a good website and as an agency, we are meticulous in ensuring the very best image is used to portray the correct message. Managing and… more »

The line is just a dot to you!

Kat Halsall

Google loves to keep us on our toes and is constantly moving the goal posts, just last week they dropped some of the key features of Google authorship – a project it’s been pushing and promoting since 2011. With Google’s continuous updates and changing of direction it is imperative to cover all bases and compliment… more »

Facebook under fire for ‘Can we depress our users?’ experiment


The social network Facebook has come under fire from its users for going ahead with a secret experiment to determine whether it could effectively cause negative emotions among its user base by manipulating their exposure to news stories in their Facebook feed. Although the study was short – it lasted for just one week in… more »

In need of a new playlist?


Hello there. I’m the newest member of the First Internet team, so be kind! I hail from North Wales with a background in digital marketing and promotions, largely working in the music and arts industries. Music is a huge passion of mine as a performer and as a gig-goer, Manchester’s rich culture and history steeped… more »

Big Data, maximise the potential for your business


Online growth and the ability to capture and manipulate data like never before has led us to coin the phrase Big Data. Big Data is the latest buzz word in the internet world and something that already impacts on just about every UK citizen. It is something anyone who uses or trades on the internet… more »

Surfing Holidays


It’s that time of year again where Christmas is a distant memory and people are searching for holiday destinations and booking their spring breaks and summer holidays. Thanks to the internet and the multiple resources on offer, the process of booking your holiday has completely changed for many people. Everywhere is deemed accessible now and… more »

Christmas Tree Competition

David's Christmas Tree

All week we have been embracing the Christmas spirit with some competition in the office. Earlier in the week we asked you to vote for who had the best Christmas tree in the office by liking your favourite in the album on Facebook. Everyone at first internet wants to thank you for the votes but… more »

Social media marketing just got easier thanks to Facebook


Social media marketing just became a little easier for businesses, thanks to Facebook relaxing their rules on page promotions. In particular, for the first time, you can now allow visitors to your Facebook business page to enter your competition simply by liking a post on the page. They can enter by leaving a message, or… more »