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E-Mail Marketing

Twitter glitch notifies users of own activity


Several Twitter users have been bemused this week after receiving notification emails to tell them they have just favourited a tweet. Twitter routinely informs users if a tweet in which they are mentioned is favourited by another user; however, it seems an update has removed its ability to filter out when that user is the… more »

Social media gets all the attention, but email marketing isn’t dead


Despite the fact that social media gets ALL of the attention, email marketing is still a popular and highly effective marketing channel, and is by no means “dead”. While social media is becoming more and more profitable, there have been many reports that it could be a potentially huge mistake to stop your email marketing… more »

Send your clients some Christmas cheer!

Tom Pepper

Christmas is on its way… There are only five more weekends before the big day. Have you thought about how you’re going to celebrate the festive season with your clients? One way would be to send a Christmas card through the post, but if your customer base is over a few thousand, it can be… more »

Desperate To Get Through?

As anti-spam protocols become more and more sophisticated, and the e-mail market becomes increasingly saturated with brands, each trying to get their message across. How can you ensure your e-mail campaign not only get delivered, but also results in that most important click-through? While deliverability and conversion continue to be pressing issues for email marketing,… more »

The Power of E-Mail

E-mail marketing has been an important part of the online marketing mix for some time. However, the tools and techniques the e-mail marketing industry deploys and the data it relies on are becoming sophisticated by the day. Spend is rocketing as more and more brands turn to e-mail to complement or replace traditional direct marketing… more »