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What’s in a name? Why #IndyRef could have transformed domain names

The Scottish independence referendum is over, and the final vote returned a narrow victory for the No campaign – and that will leave many UK webmasters breathing a sigh of relief. Why? Because a Yes outcome could have had big implications for the .co.uk registry, along with new ‘country code’ generic Top Level Domains. First… more »

Hold on to your hats, Dot UK is coming!

Rachel Cunnane

From June 10th, the new .uk domain will be available to register, offering another piece of digital space to build your business on with a clear connection to the UK. One of the benefits of investing in the new, shorter URL is that the visitor’s attention is shifted away from all the w’s and dots… more »

Does www Matter?

Phil Tomlinson, Head of Development

You may notice that some websites force the use of www in front of their domain names, such as Facebook, and some do not, such as Twitter. While this probably goes unnoticed for most users I always wondered if there were any benefits or pitfalls of either way. The term WWW is an abbreviation of… more »

Arabic Web Addresses in Web design

Today, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have become the first nations able to use Arabic characters for entire web addresses. The system was activated yesterday by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) and also enables web addresses to be written from right to left. Despite some websites enabling native… more »