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Bing adopts https – there goes the keyword data


The great ‘not provided’ purge of keyword data when Google made the move to ‘https’ encrypted search traffic by default was the scourge of SEO managers everywhere, but until now Bing has continued to pass keyword data through to analytics platforms, providing a smaller snapshot of search performance. That is about to change – in… more »

Beyond mobile-friendly: Linking apps for Bing indexing


If you have a mobile-friendly or fully responsive website, you might think you’ve done everything you need to do in order to continue ranking well in mobile search results. To an extent, that may be true; but while on Google you might receive the ‘mobile-friendly’ tick, Bing are looking to go beyond just your website,… more »

Search with foresight: Bing US predicts Oscar winners

Several Oscar statues

Microsoft have taken search to the next level, with the US-facing version of their Bing search engine currently predicting its ‘best guess’ of who will win an Oscar this weekend. The 87th Academy Awards ceremony is scheduled to occur on February 22nd, yet search for ‘oscars nominations’ on Bing US (click the Settings cog on… more »

Pastel turtlenecks? SEO trends for 2015

pastel turtleneck

Bing have published their SEO predictions for 2015, spanning a range of topic areas like fashion and technology – and if you’re one of the few retailers selling pastel turtlenecks, you’re in luck. In Europe, the top three fashion trends at present are pastels, harem pants and turtlenecks, quite the outfit if you were to… more »

‘Mobile is the future’ says Bing

If you are not already investing in responsive web design, optimisation for mobile devices and compatibility with touchscreen interfaces, 2014 may be the year to do so. According to a Bing blog post, webmasters who fail to invest in catering for a mobile audience during the current year will fall behind the pack. Senior product… more »

Bing goes for gold with Winter Olympics athlete and event tracking

Bing has set out its stall for the podium top spot in search coverage of the current Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Over at Google, the search engine giants are ploughing into the political debate surrounding the event, with a rainbow-coloured Google Doodle and extract from the Olympic Charter, both of which have been interpreted… more »

Bing’s four steps to SEO and usability success


While Google remain relatively tight-lipped when it comes to individual ranking factors, Bing’s senior product manager Duane Forrester has revealed his four steps to SEO and usability success in a new Bing Community blog post. First up is SEO – and perhaps surprisingly for some webmasters, he recommends completing meta description tags, along with well-written… more »

Google and Bing weigh in on responsive web design for mobile marketing

Responsive web design is already a fairly well established trend in mobile marketing, but we are still at the stage where any comments on the subject from Google or Bing could help to directly revise your approach to designing mobile sites. In the past few days, both of the search engine giants have blogged on… more »