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Brand Building from Web Design to Online Marketing.

As broadband technology continues to improve, innovations such as rich format applications and viral marketing are presenting opportunities to build brand awareness more effectively form the point of web design and beyond.

While more and more companies are choosing to allocate marketing budgets online -instead of more traditional advertising channels, such as television and newspapers – there is a debate that most brands are not getting the most from their online spend.

We would argue that this is a consequence of the fact that many business owners venturing into the world of web design and online media for the first time, treat customers different online than they do offline.

Engagement online is no different than any other medium. It is about how you get the message to consumers and making sure that message connects. Your message must be relevant, creative and inspired .

The main difference with online is that it doesn’t just inform the consumer – it involves them in your message so that they can interact with your brand. Therefore it is vital your web design communicates with them creatively and rewards the attention the customer is giving it.

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