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Blogging on the right side of the law


Modern digital marketing agencies offer a broad range of services, not only including online advertising and pay per click, along with the mature methods of SEO, but also ever-evolving social media and content marketing such as blogging.

But a case from France highlights why it can be safer to outsource blogging to your digital marketing agency, rather than try to take it on as an amateur.

Blogger Caroline Doudet wrote a critical piece about a restaurant she had visited, calling it “the place to avoid”.

However, once her blog post began ranking highly in search results relating to the restaurant, the owners took legal action – and Ms Doudet has now been fined a total of around €2,500.

The case is a useful reminder of how search prominence is becoming increasingly important in legal proceedings, following on from the recent ‘right to be forgotten’ rulings.

You should not be afraid to publish content online though; digital marketing agencies have a good understanding of what will work well for SEO, without offending the organisations and individuals you mention.

By adopting a broadly positive and light-hearted approach, your content can be engaging without offending anybody, for the best long-term online marketing strategy.