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Bing advises on finding new value in online marketing efforts

Online marketing is often centred around a troublesome paradox – you can only analyse the traffic you receive.

That means that you can see the ROI you get from each of your website visitors, but you can’t easily see the ROI lost due to pages that don’t attract as many hits as they might.

Deciding where to invest in your online marketing is therefore a dilemma – do you try to maximise the performance of those already-visible pages, or risk spending on optimising a less-visible page, only to find out that it’s not great in terms of conversions anyway?

A post on the Bing Community Webmaster Central blog offers one approach, arguing in favour of assigning a cash value to each page, product or conversion.

Article author Duane Forrester explains: “You may learn that pages getting low volumes of traffic from search, or low page view numbers, might be some of the highest-converting pages on your site.

“Suddenly, those dark corners of your site that you didn’t think were worth investing time in take on new meaning.”

It’s one possible way of overcoming the absence of analytical data for underperforming pages, and allowing them to be brought to the fore of your website effectively.

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