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Ambitious but antisocial Brits lag Europe on social media marketing

A new Aberdeen Group research brief sheds light on the potential differences between ambition and reality in the social media marketing Manchester firms – and their nationwide counterparts – are currently carrying out.

On the surface, it seems UK firms are more engaged than their neighbours in Europe, with 71% of British companies currently or soon-to-be engaged in social media marketing efforts, compared with just 56% on the continent.

But Aberdeen Group looked more closely at the day-to-day social media marketing undertaken by the firms – and found Britain’s headstart does not equate to an overall lead.

For instance, 3% fewer firms in the UK (67% to Europe’s 70%) monitor mentions of their brand on social networks, and a similar gap (55% UK, 58% Europe) exists in those who use social media to develop new product ideas and innovations.

Perhaps most tellingly of all, just 41% of British firms use social media for lead generation, compared with 48% on the continent.

The findings are an indication of how the social media marketing Manchester firms carry out could help to set them ahead of the crowd – even if, on the surface, you think your competitors are already engaging effectively with their audience.