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A Slice of the Pi

Philip Tomlinson, head of development.

As a software developer myself I was intrigued by the news of the recent launch of the Raspberry Pi. The concept of the Pi is to enlighten young people into the world of computer and software architecture whilst innovating good computing power at a physically small level. Amazing stuff considering that you can literally carry a PC around in your pocket!

This piece of technology and, more significantly, the intent behind it, did make me realise one thing, even if it is stating the obvious; we are all bound to computing technology in our daily lives. It amazes me how some people who spend eight hours a day at work in front of a computer still struggle to use one. Computers are your friend, not your enemy! You will only win a ‘battle’ against a computer if you understand it. This is why it’s imperative that, not only should kids know how to use their snazzy tablets, smart phones and various other gadgets, but that they have a surface knowledge of how they work and how they’re built at the very least.

We’re more reliant on computers now than we have ever been. Imagine what it will be like in another decade.

I’d love to be cliché and use cars as an analogy but then I’d be a hypocrite for saying so because I haven’t the faintest clue about them. But inadvertently it proves the point about the Pi; cars are already stuffed with electronics, processors and software, meaning that it’s really important for a new generation of developers in this country to come through and shine.

All those devices and gadgets around you that we take for granted and rely upon so much… Do we really have enough people with the right skills to manipulate them and drive them forward?

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