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21st century web developers can learn from our caveman past

21st century web developers face a challenge the likes of which has never been seen before, as consumer tastes change at an unprecedented rate, guided by developments in technology.

That is the assertion of Intellima, a retail market analyst, in a report that draws parallels between modern technology-driven shopping behaviour, and social structures dating back to the early days of man.

Some desires – such as a love of natural and traditional products, or of things that make us feel and look good – are quite obvious, and unlikely to change in the long term.

Others demonstrate evolution from our caveman days, such as the greater buying power of women in the present day, when compared with even the relatively recent past.

But all are typified by the impact modern technology has had on accelerating their development, and 21st century web developers must make sure they are keeping pace with these trends.

Lulie Halstead, chief executive of Intellima, says: “[All of the trends] we observe around the world have been accelerated or amplified by new technology – so the pace of change in the consumer world is unparalleled.”

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