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May 2015

What IS mobile-responsive website design?


More and more website owners are catching on to the need for mobile-responsive website design, in order to avoid being penalised by Google in its search results for queries conducted from a mobile device. Known as Mobilegeddon, this is one of the search engine’s major updates of recent months, and it affects anyone with a… more »

Beyond mobile-friendly: Linking apps for Bing indexing


If you have a mobile-friendly or fully responsive website, you might think you’ve done everything you need to do in order to continue ranking well in mobile search results. To an extent, that may be true; but while on Google you might receive the ‘mobile-friendly’ tick, Bing are looking to go beyond just your website,… more »

Social media gets all the attention, but email marketing isn’t dead


Despite the fact that social media gets ALL of the attention, email marketing is still a popular and highly effective marketing channel, and is by no means “dead”. While social media is becoming more and more profitable, there have been many reports that it could be a potentially huge mistake to stop your email marketing… more »

The prime minister and the princess – a week in search

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May 1st-7th was a busy week, and while the one-off events that dominated the search landscape might not be something you can incorporate into ongoing SEO campaigns, they’re still worth a second look. In Google’s regular ‘Through the Google lens’ series on the search engine’s official blog, the birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of… more »

Election 2015: Insights from search


As the nation goes to the polling stations, Google Trends reported that “Who should I vote for” was a trending search in the UK, with over 20,000 hits – a clear indication that many people’s minds were not yet made up. So in a year when the two (or three, if you like) main parties… more »

Google+ Collections is taking on Pinterest Boards


I have been using Google+ since it’s creation, finding the social network a great place to get curated news from brands, businesses and my Interests. It is a perfect place to discuss the news among other like minded people. Google’s Dmitry Shapiro made the announcement via a Google+ post allowing brands and publishers the ability to create topic-based feeds for… more »

Mobilegeddon: Google’s 5 steps to mobile-friendly sites

The end of April saw ‘Mobilegeddon’ hitting the headlines, and while we’ve been saying for months how important responsive web design and mobile-friendly websites are, Google’s algorithm update has really set that in stone. If your website has tiny text; if your links are too close together; if it uses Flash; if it does not… more »