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September 2014

A workplace inspired by Sir Richard Branson, or Kara?


Last week I read a very interesting and thought provoking article about Sir Richard Branson and his staff across the Virgin group of companies. The article was about Sir Richard allowing his staff to pretty much come and go as they please, providing all work, projects, targets and revenues were hit/completed properly. I think the… more »

Social media is reaching marketing maturity


You could be forgiven for having your doubts about social media marketing as a way of driving sales, rather than simply of building brand recognition and rapport – but the fact is, social networks are nearing marketing maturity. Figures from Mintel show that 80% of Brits now regularly use social networks, and very nearly a… more »

What’s in a name? Why #IndyRef could have transformed domain names

The Scottish independence referendum is over, and the final vote returned a narrow victory for the No campaign – and that will leave many UK webmasters breathing a sigh of relief. Why? Because a Yes outcome could have had big implications for the .co.uk registry, along with new ‘country code’ generic Top Level Domains. First… more »

Google is at it again!

Kat Halsall

An important part of any SEO or PPC campaign is keyword research, it is crucial to nail the fundamentals and get the foundations in place before storming ahead with your campaign. So to help us Google has…made it as difficult as possible? Hmm. Not content with removing a whopping 95% of keyword traffic from Google… more »

Bing summarise aspects of SEO Manchester webmasters should prioritise

What are the main aspects of SEO Manchester webmasters should be focusing on? If you’re new to the world of web marketing, it can be hard to decide, and a lot of the advice seems to conflict with one another. In a recent Bing Webmaster Blog post though, senior product manager Duane Forrester outlined some… more »

Web developers wave goodbye to Google Authorship


It seems only a matter of weeks since web developers were clamouring to incorporate Google Authorship into their site templates, in order to have their byline and Google+ profile image appear alongside their entries in the search results. Now Google have scrapped it completely, with an announcement that these bylines and images simply will not… more »