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April 2014

Google spell out principles of good mobile site design

Google have revealed their findings from a survey of over 100 mobile web users who were tasked with completing conversion-focused processes on a broad range of different websites. Based on the results, Google have drawn up a shortlist of 25 best-practice principles for good mobile site design, and have detailed three areas in particular on… more »

Bing ask ‘What if?’ for SEO

SEO has been broadly the same since the early days of search – the right words in the right places, metadata and inbound links all help to build page value and improve rankings. But recent events have changed the way many web marketers approach SEO, with Google making it much harder to track the keywords… more »

Digital Adventures


My working life is all about increasing our clients’ online presence and enhancing time online. We aim to maximise the experience for your online audiences and often, engage them online for longer.  However, when I’m away from work, I wonder about the amount of time we spend online, particularly socially and recreationally and how it… more »

Content and SEO ‘best use of time’ for webmasters

If there was still any doubt, Bing have reiterated that content and SEO are among the best possible uses of your time if you are a webmaster. Senior product manager Duane Forrester writes on the Bing Webmaster Blog that time is “the one thing we all want more of, yet no-one can create more of”…. more »

Google is getting smarter, don’t get left behind

Kat Halsall

At First Internet we have always highlighted the importance of writing relevant, fresh content for your website. We urged you to write as naturally as possible about your sector, as often as possible. In the past you may have been able to sneak in a few keywords in a semi-dubious fashion, thinking “it’s ok, it’s… more »

App Indexing – The birth of SEO for Android apps

When you think of SEO for smartphone apps, whether for Apple devices, Android or Windows Phone, you probably don’t think of the app itself. Instead, up until now, you’re probably really talking about the app’s listing in the relevant app store or marketplace. And while optimised app descriptions are still important, Google have now created… more »

Understanding, creating and meeting client expectations


For my début First Internet blog I thought I’d dive straight in with a potentially taboo topic.   That topic is getting it “wrong” or “not delivering” to clients.  This is something we (digital agencies) are potentially faced with every time we begin a new client project or relationship. I speak with numerous business owners on… more »