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February 2014

The Golden Age of the Silver Surfer – but no LOLs, please!

So-called ‘silver surfers’, who use the internet during their retirement years, are no longer just a niche audience: this is their Golden Age. Figures from Mintel show that the Baby Boomer generation have no desire to be thought of as being ‘old’, even though the coming decade will see many of them reach their ‘senior’… more »

Pizza and perfect projects

Rachel Cunnane

You may have noticed that there’s been quite a lot of change going on at First Internet recently: the development team have started working on an exciting new codebase, we have some new team members and even the busy bees in the client services team have been working on ways we can improve our processes. Last… more »

Bringing on the flood: Riding the tide of SEO

Nobody is suggesting that webmasters should profiteer by targeting flood-related search terms for SEO during periods of bad weather. But many websites have a legitimate reason to be associated with flood-related key terms – perhaps you provide weather forecasts, or support for recovering households and businesses. If so, you have a reasonable need to know… more »

A new codebase

Tom Parson

What is a codebase? All web development projects involve similar processes near the start of the project. Setting up files, creating a database with tables for content, customising configuration, creating a content-management area, and so on. After these similar processes have been completed, this is where projects differ and the bespoke needs of the project… more »

Google warns of SEO implications of infinite scroll pages

An ever-increasing number of social networks, blogs and other regularly updated websites are making use of infinite scroll homepages, but not all webmasters realise the potential SEO implications of these. In a Google Webmaster Central blog post, Google have stressed the importance of making sure your pages – including the elements that do not load… more »

Good marketing is data driven – making the most out of your Analytics


With Google prioritising user experience metrics it’s more important than ever that you tap into your website data to help drive your online marketing strategy. Analysing your Google Analytics stats is one of the best ways to truly understand your visitors behaviour and therefore what type of user experience they may be having.  You can… more »

Bing goes for gold with Winter Olympics athlete and event tracking

Bing has set out its stall for the podium top spot in search coverage of the current Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Over at Google, the search engine giants are ploughing into the political debate surrounding the event, with a rainbow-coloured Google Doodle and extract from the Olympic Charter, both of which have been interpreted… more »

When it comes to online, teamwork counts!

Richard Blamire

In the pursuit of excellence in all things digital we often find ourselves brainstorming ideas or searching for the latest websites and online tools from which to gain inspiration and insight for our clients. This research and passion for staying at the cutting edge is what enables us to deliver exciting and innovative projects for… more »