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January 2014

Bing echo Google’s SEO warning for guest blogs

Bing’s senior product manager, Duane Forrester, has seemingly echoed Google’s head of webspam, Matt Cutts, in warning against guest blog posts as a means of boosting the SEO of a page, blog or website. Cutts’ recent post on the issue sounded alarm bells throughout the SEO community, and has continued to raise eyebrows even since… more »

Is Your Business Social Enough?


One of First Internet’s latest recruits David has been taking a look at the continued rise of social media and its importance for businesses across the globe.  Social media continues to gather pace and it’s really important that you can use this to your advantage within your marketing strategies. Over the past 12 months alone,… more »

Why content is still good for SEO

A week or so ago, the notion that publishing a contribution by a guest author on your website or blog could be harmful for your search rankings would have seemed laughable. Then Matt Cutts published ‘The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO’, and as usual, the entire internet went into kneejerk reaction mode,… more »

5 websites for design inspiration

Tom Pepper

My Top 5 Websites for design inspiration Obviously a great resource for anything creative but there’s more to pinterest than fancy cakes and keep calm posters. Try searching pinterest by pinners or filter by category, this way you’ll find users with similar tastes and a stream of beautifully crafted pins. Clipdepelicula.com has some great work… more »

Domain names ‘are second to valuable content’ for SEO

What’s in a name? If you think you know about SEO, you might think that a generic domain name is a good thing, or that a domain containing keywords is a great starting point for good rankings. But Duane Forrester, senior product manager at Bing, has written in a Bing Webmaster Blog post of the… more »

To infinity and beyond! Staying connected for 2014 +


Everyone with an eye on technology has been listening to the latest news from the recent Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas. As an internet marketing company we have to stay ahead of the field and the team here at First Internet were pondering the ramifications of having to design content for your fridge,… more »

How a digital marketing agency can help you be better in 2014

The new year is well underway, and most of us are back to work – but as you begin to assess your business plan for the coming 12 months, there’s good reason to consider incorporating a digital marketing agency into your campaign. Duane Forrester, senior product manager at Bing, wrote in a recent post on… more »

Bitcoin the future of online transactions


New technologies are emerging constantly, in 2009 Bitcoin became one of them. Though controversial it has recently become much more popular, with an increase in both media coverage and uptake. What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, so named because it uses cryptography when creating and transferring money. It exists as a decentralised network, with… more »

New Google website verification API may require web design work

The new Google website verification API is to become the standard method from March 31st 2014, with the old method deprecated from that date, potentially making some fairly advanced-level web design work a necessity to preserve website functionality. Verification is a fundamental aspect of building some apps using Google’s APIs, as certain processes can only… more »