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August 2013

Social media marketing just got easier thanks to Facebook


Social media marketing just became a little easier for businesses, thanks to Facebook relaxing their rules on page promotions. In particular, for the first time, you can now allow visitors to your Facebook business page to enter your competition simply by liking a post on the page. They can enter by leaving a message, or… more »

Increase Conversions with User Experience Design

Tom Parson

Maximising visitors Last year website owners spent $42.5 billion advertising their sites using Google AdWords. We’re clearly very keen on getting the most people possible to visit our websites. We’ll shell out huge amounts of money to ensure our hit rate increases and visitor counts are healthy. We may indeed succeed in doing this, and… more »

Yahoo! takes top spot for content, but Google strengthens lead in search


Figures from comScore for July 2013 show that two of the giants of the search engine industry have strengthened their positions in the areas they know best. On the one hand, Yahoo! – which has long been more of a portal, and less of a pure search engine than its rivals – now leads the… more »



So, does Google actually think it’s outside of the law?  It certainly seems that they’d prefer one rule for them and another for everyone else. The search giant is doing its very best to avoid a large bill for breaching the privacy of iPhone users by arguing that it is not subject to British laws…. more »

Specialist online retailers must compete on SEO

Long tail keywords

While much of the advice surrounding SEO makes for pleasant reading for specialist brands, that does not mean that they should become lackadaisical about their online marketing. In many instances, you will read that a focused brand will perform well for focused, long-tail keywords, generating more relevant leads, and so achieving higher clickthrough and conversion… more »

How do I rank highly using SEO?

It’s the Holy Grail of web marketing: how to rank highly using SEO techniques. But what factors have the greatest impact on search rankings? A recent SearchMetrics report looked at the characteristics of 300,000 highly ranked URLs, and determined the features they most had in common. Interestingly, the most significant factor in terms of the… more »

Google and Bing weigh in on responsive web design for mobile marketing

Responsive web design is already a fairly well established trend in mobile marketing, but we are still at the stage where any comments on the subject from Google or Bing could help to directly revise your approach to designing mobile sites. In the past few days, both of the search engine giants have blogged on… more »