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May 2013

Microsoft bring search to the Windows 8.1 desktop

If search wasn’t already dominant in our daily lives, it’s about to get even more prominent – and this time it’s not Google, but Microsoft who are driving the trend. While many people have Google set as their homepage, Microsoft are now taking efforts to trump this, by putting their Bing search engine at the… more »

Google Glass – Revolutionary technology or a privacy invading toy?

A blog post by intern Daisy Halsall   The debate has been on going to whether the new Google Glass device is really what people are wanting and expecting. The idea of the glasses is of course out of this world; the idea of wearing a computer as glasses is what we’ve hoped for since… more »

How Penguin 2.0 could impact SEO in Manchester

The global rollout of Google’s Penguin 2.0 algorithm update could impact local SEO in Manchester, as well as your wider search presence – so what do you need to do in order to avoid being among the 2.3% of English-language websites likely to be visibly affected? Penguin has always been aimed only at eliminating black-hat… more »

New Google Maps bring flexibility to local SEO

The new Google Maps should, when it launches, give local SEO campaigns more flexible opportunities to target geographically relevant prospects. Reaching people in your local area is an important element in SEO campaigns, as it allows businesses who do the bulk of their commerce via bricks-and-mortar premises to drive footfall from what was originally search… more »

Tablets; we’ve basically seen them all right? But have you met Earl?

Guest blogger: Our intern Daisy Halsall Earl is the brand new survival tablet from Sqigle INC. made entirely for use in the wild. It uses an electrophoretic display which we also see used in black and white eBook readers such as the Kindle and the Nook. Using this type of screen is the most efficient… more »

Expanded Google Analytics filters add new detail to SEO campaigns

SEO campaigns can now be tracked with a greater degree of detail, thanks to the creation of new filter fields in Google Analytics. Writing on the Google Analytics blog, team member Matt Matyas this week outlined almost 20 filter fields that may be used to restrict the data used in Google Analytics reports. In effect,… more »

Voice search could impact mobile SEO as Google gets Siri-ous

Mobile SEO efforts could need to adapt to more voice-led queries, as Google has announced Siri-like features for its updated iOS app. In an April 29th post on the Official Google Blog, engineer Andrea Huey revealed that iOS users who update to the new version of the Google Search app will be able to speak… more »