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February 2013

The romance and heartbreak of Valentine’s Day SEO

This month brought with it the lucrative retail opportunity of Valentine’s Day, and understandably many short-term SEO campaigns were launched to compete for the top spots in romance-related search results. However, results from Bing show that some terms may have performed better than others, while one slightly heartbreaking long-tail keyword ranked above all others. First… more »

21st century web developers can learn from our caveman past

21st century web developers face a challenge the likes of which has never been seen before, as consumer tastes change at an unprecedented rate, guided by developments in technology. That is the assertion of Intellima, a retail market analyst, in a report that draws parallels between modern technology-driven shopping behaviour, and social structures dating back… more »

UK mobile users ‘are a passive audience’

New research from Nielsen indicates that UK smartphone users are much more passive on social networks than, for example, their Japanese equivalents. Both countries have a high level of mobile usage, with smartphones particularly predominant in the UK, where 61% of people own a modern handset, compared with 24% in Japan. However, the widespread availability… more »

Mobile marketing activities should plan for the end of the ‘duopoly’

Mobile marketing activities – including online marketing of websites aimed at smartphone devices and tablets – may need to be revised in the months to come. If a market led by a single operator is a monopoly, then the mobile space has been a ‘duopoly’ in recent years, with Google’s Android platform dominating and Apple’s… more »