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January 2013

Twitter’s Vine holds promise for social media marketing

This week, Twitter unleashed Vine on the world, but what could that mean for social media marketing? First, it’s best to sum up what Vine actually is, and in a sense it does for video what Twitter itself does for blogging. It’s an iOS app that creates six-second videos, which are intended to distil some… more »

Facebook Graph Search shoots Bing up SEO agenda

Facebook Graph Search has been making headlines in the past week or so, but many webmasters might wonder what all the fuss is about, both in terms of the technology, and any SEO decisions it might inspire. After all, the notion of receiving search results based on a full-sentence question has been around at least… more »

Bringing New Year’s Resolutions into paid search campaigns

Paid search campaigns can benefit from New Year’s Resolutions, even if you made them to improve your personal life. In an Inside AdWords blog post, the DoubleClick Search team list five resolutions for webmasters to try and stick to – and claim that DoubleClick Search itself can help them to do so. For instance, paid… more »

2013: The year the internet and high street make friends?

“Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer,” they say – and while online marketing and web design have been enemies of the high street for several years, 2013 is likely to be the year that all changes. Until recently, bricks-and-mortar stores have been seen as totally separate from online retail sites. But the Europe… more »