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December 2012

Bing search tips double as SEO advice

Any last-minute website updates looking to make the most of the Christmas rush might want to treat a recent Bing Community blog post as unofficial SEO advice. The post describes some of the standard ways to use Bing in order to find certain kinds of information – and just as it helps searchers to know… more »

Google launch point-and-click tool to tag events data

Microformats have made it easier than ever to let search engines know when your page contains certain information – such as ratings, calendars and organisation structures. But if you’re not too familiar with HTML – and your website was designed by an outside agency for you to add pages as plain text – then you… more »

Nielsen reports highlight importance of web design for portable screens

Web design is no longer an easily defined discipline – gone are the days when a ‘website’ was simply an on-screen equivalent of a printed page. The web is still very much governed by a network of hyperlinks, but the way those links – and the content that surrounds them – are delivered to your… more »