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July 2012

Social media ‘is oxygen for businesses’

While most businesses are now turned on to the value of online marketing, it seems over-zealous CIOs are preventing many from making the most of social media. Fears about legal issues and a lack of direct control over what is said can lead companies to block access to social networks among their employees – but… more »

What’s in a word? Google tells web developers to check their specs

The Google Webmaster Central Blog had some important advice for web developers this week, and it was all a matter of semantics. Jens O Meiert, senior web architect with Google’s Webmaster Team, offered a few do’s and don’ts of best practice for web developers, and many may have been surprised by his advice. For instance,… more »

Time for an Olympic effort on sporting SEO

Major events like the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games raise plenty of questions for SEO – not least the issue of whether people will be online and buying during the Olympics, or whether they’ll shut down their computers and sit in front of the telly instead. On that concern, there’s good news from PricewaterhouseCoopers, whose… more »

Bing again puts SEO in the hands of the webmaster

Over the past few weeks, we’ve noticed – and reported – several major steps forward in the way Bing search results are handled, and in parent company Microsoft’s interpretation of SEO. Now there’s another development – and this time it relates to the recently controversial topic of backlinks, and specifically to inbound links from websites… more »

Rise of The Social Shoppers

Across Britain, shopping is considered a leisure activity, however, with the introduction of e-commerce, this important social aspect has been removed. Using social media sites to reintroduce social elements to the shopping process is a powerful tool that retailers should utilise. According to new research from Barclays, 41% of the UK’s consumer population is expected… more »