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June 2012

Ambitious but antisocial Brits lag Europe on social media marketing

A new Aberdeen Group research brief sheds light on the potential differences between ambition and reality in the social media marketing Manchester firms – and their nationwide counterparts – are currently carrying out. On the surface, it seems UK firms are more engaged than their neighbours in Europe, with 71% of British companies currently or… more »

Can Random Acts of Kindness boost your business?

Making purchases based on recommendations from friends, family and colleagues is nothing new. However, the arrival of social media has made it considerably easier to spread the word about a company or product to a much wider audience, in an instant. Many businesses are capitalising on this in a rather unusual and endearing way. The… more »

Google search engine optimisation tips for Manchester businesses

New Google search engine optimisation tips give Manchester businesses an insight into what is – and what isn’t – acceptable in the age of Penguin and Panda. Garen Checkley, part of Google’s search quality team, writes on the company’s Google and Your Business blog that high-quality content is the first thing webmasters should ensure they… more »

Bing aims to make typos a ghost of SEO past

It’s a key SEO challenge faced by Manchester’s webmasters and internet marketers – what do we do about typos? When your brand name, product or service has an unusual spelling, it can be difficult to make sure you appear among the results for misspellings of the word. For search engines like Bing, there’s a similar… more »

Battle of the S’s (Social Media vs. Search Engine Marketing)

Kat Halsall, Client Services. We are all aware of the increasing importance of social media to our brand, and of search engine marketing to gain traffic to the site, but which is more important? There’s only one way to find out … Let’s get ready to rumble… Weigh in: When it comes to leads, Search… more »

Google+ Local – an end to location-specific SEO for Manchester sites?

If you’ve been reading some of the recent blog posts published on other sites about the launch of Google+ Local, you could be forgiven for thinking the new pages spell the end of location-specific SEO for Manchester webmasters, and for those in other cities too. However, a closer look at what Google have actually said… more »

Google Street View trikes may put Manchester back on the map

Google this week revealed in a post on the Official Google Blog that it is using tricycles to reach places where its car-mounted Street View cameras are unable to reach. A total of 132 major landmarks worldwide have already been photographed using portable, trike-mounted Street View cameras, including 14 in the UK. While the technology… more »