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January 2012

The long tail of SEO Manchester sites can target

There are different degrees of focus to the types of SEO Manchester webmasters can use in optimising their web content. Look at the phrase ‘search engine optimisation Manchester’, for example – the ‘short tail’ of this is the generic phrase ‘search engine optimisation’, while the ‘long tail’ is the complete, location-specific phrase. Whichever industry you… more »

Insights into social media marketing Manchester-style

There are lots of different sides to social media marketing Manchester businesses need to take into account. For instance, how closely do you target your local area? Earlier this month, we saw how Leeds and London residents both search for queries involving the word ‘Manchester’ – roughly one seventh as often as Manchester residents do…. more »

mCoupons a key part of web development Manchester firms should consider

Mobile coupons, or mCoupons, are an emerging component of web development Manchester clients might want to consider – particularly if they have both virtual and real-world stores. By bridging the gap between the online and bricks-and-mortar worlds, mCoupons are already proving compelling in some markets, including the Far East and China. However, Western Europe and… more »

Mapping the elements of SEO Manchester clients should know

When targeting a local search audience, it is important to understand the geographic impacts on SEO Manchester clients may be subject to. Data from Google Insights for Search shows the relative search audiences in different parts of England for queries including the word ‘Manchester’ in 2011. The city itself ranks most highly, but many of… more »