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February 2011

Is the launch of the Google Me Social Network on the horizon?

We could soon be reaching the moment that we’ve all been waiting for! There is speculation that Google Me, Google’s social network, is finally about to be launched. Google users have been alerted by news that Google is tweaking its Social Search. The idea is that Google Social Search will put much more emphasis on… more »

Social Media Allows Free Speech

People all over the world have been immersed in the unprecedented events taking place in Egypt and Tunisia over the past couple of months. The revolution has sparked widespread interest, not only in the news stories themselves, but also how much input social media has had in the protests. Tahir Square has been the central… more »

Twitter to become a game of two halves?

Twitter are currently in talks with several companies, including Google and Twitter, to a discuss potential partnership. Despite not revealing their revenue information, at the end of 2010, it was estimated that the company made an overall loss through expansion of staff members and new data centres. However, it looks like Twitter are going to… more »

Court Hearings Become Court Tweetings

Twitter is no longer just for keeping up with what your friends are doing, or staying informed about your interests. This week, it has been announced that “tweeting” will be allowed from hearings at the high court. Supreme Court President Lord Phillips said, “The rapid development of communications technology brings with it both opportunities and… more »