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September 2010

Internet Week Europe

First came Internet Week New York and now London will be following in its footsteps and hosting Internet Week Europe. The event is sponsored by Yahoo and invites smaller digital companies such as Moo.com and WPP Digital as well as internet giants like Google. There will be more than 100 events taking place over between… more »

Google Instant

Google have recently introduced their latest version of the search engine in the form of Google Instant. The key feature of this is that search results begin to show as you type your query and these results will change and adapt as your query gets longer. The aim of Google Instant is to reduce the… more »

How Social Media can Benefit Small Businesses

Whether you are looking to gain new customers or to have a strong presence online for a unique business then social media is a channel that you should consider investing in. It is easy to dismiss social media by assuming that it is too time consuming to keep up to date, but there are now… more »

Ecommerce could transform the Scottish Economy

Ecommerce has had a massive impact on businesses with price competition and provide consumers with more choice and information on products. According to a recent survey conducted by Ecommerce-Excellence in conjunction with ScotlandIS (ICT trade body) and Indez (supplier) Scottish businesses are behind when it comes to online-trading. 60% of Scottish businesses rate themselves as… more »