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April 2010

Conversation Costs

Marketing managers, advertising agencies and big brands are constantly try to communicate their message to you in an engaging way and it deliver via a medium you interact with consistently. In the past this has involved print media, radio and TV ads and in the past five years, online marketing. Initially social media was ad… more »

M-commerce and its Importance to Web Design

Unlike the US, many retailers in the UK have been quite slow to embrace – m-commerce. In the ever changing world of web design, it is vital that e-tailers keep on top of customer demands, especially in the current market conditions. When you consider that the number of people accessing the internet via their mobile… more »

Getting Through with Web Design

Some surveys estimate that the average Briton faces 3,000 marketing messages a day. Therefore, when faced with an advert – either on or off-line – we change the channel, hit mute, block our cookies or leave a website. Therefore, over the past decade brands and their agencies have increasingly targeted our conversation and sought to… more »