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November 2009

It is Only Just Begun!

Search marketing is a relatively new advertising medium – the first search ads were only served in 1998, but it has already become a major factor in the advertising plan of a wide range of industry sectors. Figures from the IAB suggest that the total online ad spend in the UK was £6 billion last… more »

Keeping Pace with Change

There are various aspects to online marketing; from web design and search engine optimisation to pay-per-click advertising and social media. However, one channel that is experiencing exponential growth is Affiliate Marketing. The performance marketing sector is buzzing this year, both in terms of deals being done and the explosive growth in the sector. E-Consultancy estimates… more »

Remember – The Customer Knows Best When It Comes to Web Design

While the recession put an untimely end to the consumer boom, the UK enjoyed over the last ten years, there remains plenty of opportunity for brands online. The amount spent online in the UK increased by almost half in 2009 and subsequently, there is no room for complacency in web design or any aspect of… more »

Brand Building from Web Design to Online Marketing.

As broadband technology continues to improve, innovations such as rich format applications and viral marketing are presenting opportunities to build brand awareness more effectively form the point of web design and beyond. While more and more companies are choosing to allocate marketing budgets online -instead of more traditional advertising channels, such as television and newspapers… more »

How Do You Measure The Success Of Web Design?

It used to be so simple: when a customer bought an item online, only their final click would be measured by marketers and that success would be solely attributed to the quality of the web design. However, the route the user took to get to the website is equally important. Since the advent of search… more »

Beware Of Drop-Off Dangers In Web Design

As more and more people shop online, their demands of web design and what a website should offer have become more sophisticated. The challenge of any programmer, web design agency or indeed online marketer, is to exceed expectations. Usability is a vital tool in ensuring a website delivers on its promise – both to users… more »

What Web 2.0 Means in Web Design

Web 2.0 was a term coined during a conference brainstorming session between Tim O’Reily and Dale Dougherty. It came out of the realisation that after the dot com crash of 2000, the reality was that the hyperbole surrounding all things internet and web design might actually be true and in fact the technology of the… more »

Desperate To Get Through?

As anti-spam protocols become more and more sophisticated, and the e-mail market becomes increasingly saturated with brands, each trying to get their message across. How can you ensure your e-mail campaign not only get delivered, but also results in that most important click-through? While deliverability and conversion continue to be pressing issues for email marketing,… more »

The Power of E-Mail

E-mail marketing has been an important part of the online marketing mix for some time. However, the tools and techniques the e-mail marketing industry deploys and the data it relies on are becoming sophisticated by the day. Spend is rocketing as more and more brands turn to e-mail to complement or replace traditional direct marketing… more »

A Window Into the World of Web Design

Ralph Lauren transformed the concept of both window–shopping and web design, by announcing the launch of an interactive window that aims to bridge the virtual retail world with that of bricks and mortar: Shoppers on London’s Bond Street and Milan’s Via Montenapoleone can now use a touchscreen on 78-inch shop “window” to buy clothes. The… more »