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Tips for SEO Manchester’s app developers should apply

We appreciate how important it is to keep abreast of all the different kinds of SEO Manchester web developers might need us to carry out on their behalf.

So it’s always useful to hear of the latest research into one area of SEO Manchester webmasters might not have considered – how to get your app discovered by more people.

ABI Research have just released their Mobile Application Tracker Database, along with a handy case study that takes a look at independent app developer Michael Quach.

Mr Quach uses a careful combination of common search engine optimisation techniques to make sure his apps sell well.

For instance, although many of his apps are simply list-based or collections of trivia, he places them in categories other than ‘reference’ and ‘entertainment’, which are already crowded.

A medical-related list goes under ‘medical’, a literature-based trivia collection under ‘books’, and so on, helping him to reach more viewers in less competitive topic listings.

Combine this with a bright, eye-catching app logo, a catchy name and more conventional SEO methods in the description, and you’re on to a winner.

In Mr Quach’s case, in February of this year, he averaged 40 titles in the top 5,250 apps per country, based on the 250 highest-ranked titles in each of the 21 main category listings.

Aapo Markkanen, senior analyst at ABI Research, says the apps are “dirt-cheap to produce but appeal easily to spontaneous app browsers’ curiosity”.

Together, the strategy is one that can be applied equally well elsewhere, through website logos and ‘favicons’ to on-page text, to help your website, blog – or apps – to rank as highly as possible.

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