For future web development Manchester eCommerce firms ‘need a two-pronged approach’

IDC has outlined the “two-pronged approach” to web development Manchester firms – and eCommerce operators throughout Europe – will need to employ in the years to come in order to continue the rapid growth in online retail that has been seen in previous years.

The analyst explains that some markets are nearing saturation, where all potential customers are already engaged in some way with eCommerce, although even mature markets are still seeing rapid expansion at present.

When saturation occurs, a shift in strategy may be needed – and that is likely to have a significant effect on the types of web development Manchester website owners carry out.

“Retailers will be required to build a two-pronged strategy – internationalisation and improving conversion rates by focusing on the online customer experience,” says IDC Retail Insights’ EMEA research manager Christine Bardwell.

At First Internet we keep a close eye on conditions in eCommerce and other online industries to make sure we deliver the types of web design Manchester clients need to capitalise on business opportunities.

In addition to this work to ensure the customer experience is to the required standard, we are also among the foremost providers of search engine optimisation Manchester’s thriving eCommerce sector has at its disposal, for a full-service approach to promoting your site and your services alike.

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