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Google to warn against unresponsive web design?


‘Responsive web design’ has been one of the buzz terms of 2015 for SEO, particularly since Google’s so-called Mobilegeddon update, which penalised the rankings of websites that do not display well on mobile devices, when they appear in search results on those devices. Now it seems like Google are going further to flag up unresponsive… more »

Bing adopts https – there goes the keyword data


The great ‘not provided’ purge of keyword data when Google made the move to ‘https’ encrypted search traffic by default was the scourge of SEO managers everywhere, but until now Bing has continued to pass keyword data through to analytics platforms, providing a smaller snapshot of search performance. That is about to change – in… more »

Twitter removes 140-character limit from DMs


The 140-character limit on tweets is what earned Twitter its original description as a ‘microblogging’ network, as well as being a unique and fundamental aspect of the social network throughout its history. But that could be about to change – at least in direct messages, the private person-to-person messaging element of Twitter. Direct messages, or… more »

Is Google+ Dead Yet?

Google Plus

Visit the Google homepage while logged into your Google+ account, and you might notice a change (although the truth is, a lot of people won’t even have noticed it). That is because where your name appears at the top-right of the homepage, it is now just plain text – it no longer links you through… more »

What IS mobile-responsive website design?


More and more website owners are catching on to the need for mobile-responsive website design, in order to avoid being penalised by Google in its search results for queries conducted from a mobile device. Known as Mobilegeddon, this is one of the search engine’s major updates of recent months, and it affects anyone with a… more »

Beyond mobile-friendly: Linking apps for Bing indexing


If you have a mobile-friendly or fully responsive website, you might think you’ve done everything you need to do in order to continue ranking well in mobile search results. To an extent, that may be true; but while on Google you might receive the ‘mobile-friendly’ tick, Bing are looking to go beyond just your website,… more »

Social media gets all the attention, but email marketing isn’t dead


Despite the fact that social media gets ALL of the attention, email marketing is still a popular and highly effective marketing channel, and is by no means “dead”. While social media is becoming more and more profitable, there have been many reports that it could be a potentially huge mistake to stop your email marketing… more »

The prime minister and the princess – a week in search

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May 1st-7th was a busy week, and while the one-off events that dominated the search landscape might not be something you can incorporate into ongoing SEO campaigns, they’re still worth a second look. In Google’s regular ‘Through the Google lens’ series on the search engine’s official blog, the birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of… more »

Election 2015: Insights from search


As the nation goes to the polling stations, Google Trends reported that “Who should I vote for” was a trending search in the UK, with over 20,000 hits – a clear indication that many people’s minds were not yet made up. So in a year when the two (or three, if you like) main parties… more »

Google+ Collections is taking on Pinterest Boards


I have been using Google+ since it’s creation, finding the social network a great place to get curated news from brands, businesses and my Interests. It is a perfect place to discuss the news among other like minded people. Google’s Dmitry Shapiro made the announcement via a Google+ post allowing brands and publishers the ability to create topic-based feeds for… more »

Mobilegeddon: Google’s 5 steps to mobile-friendly sites

The end of April saw ‘Mobilegeddon’ hitting the headlines, and while we’ve been saying for months how important responsive web design and mobile-friendly websites are, Google’s algorithm update has really set that in stone. If your website has tiny text; if your links are too close together; if it uses Flash; if it does not… more »

Happy 5th Birthday, Twitter Advertising!

Twitter Advertising

This month marks the 5th birthday anniversary for Twitter advertising, ensuring Twitter as a hugely profitable digital marketing tool and one of the largest social networking forces to be reckoned with in the entire world! The highly successful form of marketing, allows marketers to buy tweets that show up in users’ timelines, much like a… more »

Google Mobilegeddon and Twitter DMs ‘from anyone’


It’s been a busy week both in terms of SEO for mobile sites and social media, with Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ algorithm sharing the headlines with Twitter’s ‘DMs from anyone’ update. Google’s is the major of the two updates, so it’s worth stating once again – if your website is not mobile-friendly, it will now be penalised… more »



Today’s the day; the supposed #mobileaggedon people like us have been talking about since the end of February, when Google announced their impending algorithm change. It’s been much talked about over the last couple of months and we’ve been working hard to ensure our clients were aware of the potential implications of ignoring the warnings… more »

Why you might see more Facebook data from August


When it comes to planning your social media marketing, there are plenty of options – from a professional LinkedIn profile, to a friendly Twitter account, to the mini community of a Facebook page. But it’s fair to say Twitter has become the most pervasive platform in our offline lives, with hashtags appearing in the corner… more »

Twitter updates mobile trends and retires Discover tab

responsive web design

With about two weeks left before Google’s April 21st algorithm update to prioritise mobile-friendly websites in mobile search results, Twitter are also focusing on updates for their users on the move. The microblogging platform has announced a change to how it displays trending topics on some mobile apps, starting with iOS and Android. Other platforms… more »

Chocolate and Politics!


Easter weekend – 4 days filled with chocolate, hot cross buns, walks in the sunshine and of course – love it or hate it – the election campaign! How many of us watched the election TV debate and afterwards took to our keyboards to voice our reactions to what we had seen? It seems widely… more »

Google’s Fools go mobile


In the month when Google’s ranking of mobile search results becomes heavily influenced by the ‘mobile friendliness’ of sites, it’s perhaps little surprise that the search giant’s April Fools pranks also leaned towards mobile users. Probably the best of the bunch was #ChromeSelfie, a supposed new service for mobile users of the Google Chrome web… more »

Hi There! Please allow me to introduce myself…

Brodie Mackenzie

I’m Brodie Mackenzie and I’m thrilled to be joining the First Internet team as a Digital Marketing Account Manager. My background mainly lies in Pay Per Click as I worked over the past year as a PPC account manager, managing over 130 PPC accounts. I LOVE geeking out about AdWords and SEO because I have… more »

Make web forms mobile-friendly with autocomplete


Responsive web design is about to become an absolute imperative, as Google are now assessing websites for their mobile-friendly attributes, and will rank mobile search results accordingly. So you need to be doing everything you can to make sure your site is as mobile-friendly as possible – and once you’ve got your responsive web design… more »