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Friends Reunited becomes Friends Disconnected

One of the forerunners of social networking in the UK is finally closing its doors, with the news that Friends Reunited is soon to enter “the sunset of an era”. That is how Steve Pankhurst described the closure of the service in an email to users, which explained some of the reasons behind the decision…. more »

Microsoft ends support for Internet Explorer 8-10

Internet Explorer

As of Tuesday January 12th 2016, Microsoft no longer offers support for older versions of its Internet Explorer web browser – only the most recent version available on any given operating system will receive software patches, security updates and so on. This effectively means that the vast majority of computer owners should update to Internet… more »

More to say? Twitter may be moving to a 10,000-character limit


The 140-character limit on tweets has been a fundamental feature of Twitter almost since its inception (although not quite, interestingly…) but it could soon be lifted, and dramatically so. Following rumours that the character count could be raised substantially, from 140 to 10,000, CEO and co-founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey took to his own profile… more »

Google’s UK Year in Search


Google have published their ‘Year in Search’, giving an insight into the trends recorded in organic search – and therefore in SEO – over the course of 2015. In the UK, the year began with The Dress (was it blue and black, or white and gold?) along with a surge in searches relating to the… more »

Why Thought Leadership is Essential For B2B Marketers

Thought Leadership

Marketers use quality content to reinforce brand messaging and encourage goal completions. Using high quality content and original ideas, you can set you apart from your competitors and gain a valuable social following by putting thought leadership at the centre of your strategy. Thought leadership isn’t something you can dip into; it’s got to be… more »

What does the Investigatory Powers Bill mean for end-to-end encryption?


Encryption is a crucial element in online security, effectively ‘scrambling’ data so that it can only be read by the intended recipient, and cannot be unscrambled – or decrypted – by any hackers or anyone else who might intercept the message. However, in recent weeks, the upcoming Investigatory Powers Bill, which plans to increase the… more »

Responsive web design – where should I put the CSS?


Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, were a huge step forward in web design, enabling site designers to separate the content of a web page from its formatting and structure for the first time. They are a way to create a consistent visual style across an entire site – using styles and classes to format elements… more »

The sophomore era of m-commerce


The age of m-commerce has reached its second stage, with device penetration soaring in the UK and abroad, the retail sector finally responding to its implications, but the market as a whole still far from maturity.   A Barclays Corporate report entitled simply ‘The future of m-commerce’ predicts the percentage of sales made via a… more »

What does the retirement of Internet Explorer mean for web design?

Internet Explorer

Microsoft recently announced that they are retiring old versions of Internet Explorer, meaning future patches, security updates and so on will only be available for the most recent version of the web browser on each Windows operating system. The move tallies with Microsoft’s trend towards encouraging users to update more promptly to new versions of… more »

The best and worst in modern web design

Touch Screen

Modern web design is an ever-changing discipline, so how do you know if you’re getting it right? Like it or not, Google have become the ‘world internet police’ when it comes to dictating what goes in modern web design – so make sure you’re keeping the leading search engine happy if you value your rankings…. more »

5 things you didn’t know you could Bing


Google’s continued development of Universal Search – the notion that a single page of search results can contain every format you might desire – remains one of the biggest ongoing topics in SEO. But SERPs with image results, news headlines and videos are not the only way in which search is becoming increasingly ‘smart’ and… more »

Christmas SEO surge has already begun


Strange things happen in September – supermarkets start selling Yule logs, pubs start taking bookings for the festive season, and the Christmas SEO surge begins in earnest. It might seem incredibly early, with almost a third of the year still to go, but factor in the time taken to acquire stock, ship items out to… more »

How to get on the first page of Google

We all know the first page of Google search results is the holy grail for any webmaster, but how do you actually get there? Organic SEO is a good starting point, but there are other options too, so here’s a near-comprehensive rundown: Organic SEO is about placing good-quality content on your website with your target… more »

What happened to the Google logo?


If you’re a frequent Google user, you probably noticed the major change to the search engine’s logo at the start of the month. No doubt inspired partly by the restructuring of Google under new parent company Alphabet Inc, the updated logo eliminates the serif font used since Google’s inception, along with the 3D embossed effect… more »

Twitter: What is a Website Card?


This week, some Twitter users received emails from the social network inviting them to create a Website Card. “A Website Card makes it easy to connect [Twitter with your site] and boost your traffic and conversions,” the email stated. “Compared to just tweeting out a link, it’s a simple and creative way to give users… more »

Twitter DM changes make social media marketing easier


Many businesses and sole traders use Twitter as a key component in their social media marketing mix, but recent changes have made it increasingly easy to do this. If you have never investigated Twitter as a way of reaching out to potential buyers, it is perhaps a better time than ever before to consider putting… more »

What will Alphabet Inc mean for Google SEO?


Alphabet Inc has dominated the headlines over the past week or so, following the surprise announcement that Google’s search activities are to become just one company of many under a new parent brand. So what does this mean for Google SEO? Well, it shouldn’t mean any major changes – think of it more as a… more »

Twitter glitch notifies users of own activity


Several Twitter users have been bemused this week after receiving notification emails to tell them they have just favourited a tweet. Twitter routinely informs users if a tweet in which they are mentioned is favourited by another user; however, it seems an update has removed its ability to filter out when that user is the… more »

Google embrace EU cookie law


It might be a case of ‘better late than never’, but Google seem to finally be embracing the EU cookie law that requires website visitors to be notified if a site is going to store cookies on their system. Several Google services appear to have ‘switched on’ to the recently introduced rules all at the… more »

UK govt outlines plans to reach new online groups


The ever-changing nature of online audiences is a challenge for any webmaster, but when you’re the UK government you have an obligation to keep pace with how people use the internet. In its new Government Communications Plan, the Cabinet Office has set out exactly some of the trends that the government is responding to. “Societal… more »