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Google Mobilegeddon and Twitter DMs ‘from anyone’


It’s been a busy week both in terms of SEO for mobile sites and social media, with Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ algorithm sharing the headlines with Twitter’s ‘DMs from anyone’ update. Google’s is the major of the two updates, so it’s worth stating once again – if your website is not mobile-friendly, it will now be penalised… more »



Today’s the day; the supposed #mobileaggedon people like us have been talking about since the end of February, when Google announced their impending algorithm change. It’s been much talked about over the last couple of months and we’ve been working hard to ensure our clients were aware of the potential implications of ignoring the warnings… more »

Why you might see more Facebook data from August


When it comes to planning your social media marketing, there are plenty of options – from a professional LinkedIn profile, to a friendly Twitter account, to the mini community of a Facebook page. But it’s fair to say Twitter has become the most pervasive platform in our offline lives, with hashtags appearing in the corner… more »

Twitter updates mobile trends and retires Discover tab

responsive web design

With about two weeks left before Google’s April 21st algorithm update to prioritise mobile-friendly websites in mobile search results, Twitter are also focusing on updates for their users on the move. The microblogging platform has announced a change to how it displays trending topics on some mobile apps, starting with iOS and Android. Other platforms… more »

Chocolate and Politics!


Easter weekend – 4 days filled with chocolate, hot cross buns, walks in the sunshine and of course – love it or hate it – the election campaign! How many of us watched the election TV debate and afterwards took to our keyboards to voice our reactions to what we had seen? It seems widely… more »

Google’s Fools go mobile


In the month when Google’s ranking of mobile search results becomes heavily influenced by the ‘mobile friendliness’ of sites, it’s perhaps little surprise that the search giant’s April Fools pranks also leaned towards mobile users. Probably the best of the bunch was #ChromeSelfie, a supposed new service for mobile users of the Google Chrome web… more »

Hi There! Please allow me to introduce myself…

Brodie Mackenzie

I’m Brodie Mackenzie and I’m thrilled to be joining the First Internet team as a Digital Marketing Account Manager. My background mainly lies in Pay Per Click as I worked over the past year as a PPC account manager, managing over 130 PPC accounts. I LOVE geeking out about AdWords and SEO because I have… more »

Make web forms mobile-friendly with autocomplete


Responsive web design is about to become an absolute imperative, as Google are now assessing websites for their mobile-friendly attributes, and will rank mobile search results accordingly. So you need to be doing everything you can to make sure your site is as mobile-friendly as possible – and once you’ve got your responsive web design… more »

Google warning: Non mobile friendly websites to nose dive in Google search results


Google has announced plans to update their algorithm to give priority to mobile friendly websites in search results. On April 21st we will see non mobile and tablet optimised websites potentially disappear in mobile search results, as well as apps appearing in mobile search results where they haven’t been previously. With traffic from mobiles and… more »

What does the Budget mean for the internet?


The 2015 Budget speech had a few things to say about the internet in all its forms, with funding for better high-speed web access and even efforts to connect more household devices online. On broadband, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne pledged over half a billion pounds towards better connections, to get more people throughout… more »

Streetside Showdown: Why mobile web design matters more than ever

street view

A post on the Google Street View World blog last week showed the Street View camera car passing the Bing Streetside camera car at a location on N Halsted Street in Chicago, Illinois. The two vehicles – Bing in an understated black hatchback with a roof-mounted camera, Google in a typically brightly branded hatch of… more »

‘Mobile-friendly’ is crucial for Google searches from April


As of next month, mobile searches conducted on Google will give specific preference to mobile-friendly websites in their results, making responsive web design more important than ever. For several years now, responsive web design – the ability of a website to correctly respond to work in mobile browsers and at smaller screen resolutions – has… more »

Madonna’s Brits stumble sets Twitter alight


It’s not the first time a wardrobe malfunction has set the social networks alight, but Madonna’s stumble at the Brit Awards had one of the biggest responses in recent times, dominating Twitter timelines long after her performance was over. This time around, it wasn’t that the singer was over-exposed – quite the opposite in fact,… more »

Search with foresight: Bing US predicts Oscar winners

Several Oscar statues

Microsoft have taken search to the next level, with the US-facing version of their Bing search engine currently predicting its ‘best guess’ of who will win an Oscar this weekend. The 87th Academy Awards ceremony is scheduled to occur on February 22nd, yet search for ‘oscars nominations’ on Bing US (click the Settings cog on… more »

Spring Trends for Digital Interaction

You are building a relationship with people who may continue to use your product for the next 25 years. Those interactions that you have, particularly through social streams that you can get through digital, are super valuable. It would be a shame not to invest in that. Chris Moody, Creative Director at Wolff Olins, speaking… more »

Intranet development helps you do more with data


We talk a lot about website development, but one service that is often overlooked by businesses is intranet development – something you might be wise to put higher on your agenda. An ever-increasing number of businesses now have some kind of website, blog or social media presence, as a way to market themselves online and… more »

‘Quick promote’ lets MVP tweets be amplified


When you visit your tweet activity dashboard on Twitter, you have the opportunity to see which of your tweets are performing best in your social media campaigns.   But wouldn’t it be nice if you could make these ‘most valuable players’ visible to a wider audience – a wider, but still relevant audience?   Now… more »

Pastel turtlenecks? SEO trends for 2015

pastel turtleneck

Bing have published their SEO predictions for 2015, spanning a range of topic areas like fashion and technology – and if you’re one of the few retailers selling pastel turtlenecks, you’re in luck. In Europe, the top three fashion trends at present are pastels, harem pants and turtlenecks, quite the outfit if you were to… more »

Making the most of your digital marketing

Insights from TFM&A give an idea of why digital marketing is still a challenge for many people even in marketing roles. In an article published by TFM&A Insights ahead of the TFM&A 2015 event at Olympia in London next month, Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights reveals the obstacles some businesses still face in their own… more »

First 2015 search trends combine revolution and resolutions


Google have published the first full ‘Through the Google lens’ search trends report of 2015, providing a glimpse of what people were searching for between January 2nd and 8th. In the year’s first post to the Official Google Blog, communications associate Jenise Araujo writes that her own search queries included ‘gym discounts’ and ‘Heartbreak Hotel’…. more »