Christmas: The online marketing opportunity that never sleeps


Like it or not, Christmas is on its way, and time is fast running out to make sure online marketing campaigns are timed to coincide with the greatest opportunities that come with the biggest retail holiday of them all. Google have published a calendar on the Inside AdWords blog, showing the extent to which “shopping… more »

Avenues to online marketing Manchester firms can use

online marketing

There are many different types of online marketing Manchester firms carry out, from on-site SEO to link-building, pay per click (PPC) and banner advertising. A Google Webmaster Central Blog post goes beyond this, pointing out the potential to create social networking profiles, appear on online maps, and so on. But what are the best methods… more »

Shell Shock Bug Alert

You may have heard about the “Shellshock” bug that’s affecting Linux and Mac Systems and if you’re worried about it affecting you then let us put your minds at ease. There’s no getting away from the fact that it was a pretty serious bug that could be leveraged on a large number of servers worldwide… more »

All aboard the Panda SEO rollercoaster – again


Just when it seemed like the dust had finally more or less settled from Google’s rollout of its Panda SEO algorithm, the search engine giant has announced a new major update. Pierre Far shared the news on his Google+ account, having taken over from Matt Cutts during his current sabbatical from the role of Head… more »

A workplace inspired by Sir Richard Branson, or Kara?


Last week I read a very interesting and thought provoking article about Sir Richard Branson and his staff across the Virgin group of companies. The article was about Sir Richard allowing his staff to pretty much come and go as they please, providing all work, projects, targets and revenues were hit/completed properly. I think the… more »

Social media is reaching marketing maturity


You could be forgiven for having your doubts about social media marketing as a way of driving sales, rather than simply of building brand recognition and rapport – but the fact is, social networks are nearing marketing maturity. Figures from Mintel show that 80% of Brits now regularly use social networks, and very nearly a… more »

What’s in a name? Why #IndyRef could have transformed domain names

The Scottish independence referendum is over, and the final vote returned a narrow victory for the No campaign – and that will leave many UK webmasters breathing a sigh of relief. Why? Because a Yes outcome could have had big implications for the registry, along with new ‘country code’ generic Top Level Domains. First… more »

Google is at it again!

Kat Halsall

An important part of any SEO or PPC campaign is keyword research, it is crucial to nail the fundamentals and get the foundations in place before storming ahead with your campaign. So to help us Google has…made it as difficult as possible? Hmm. Not content with removing a whopping 95% of keyword traffic from Google… more »

Bing summarise aspects of SEO Manchester webmasters should prioritise

What are the main aspects of SEO Manchester webmasters should be focusing on? If you’re new to the world of web marketing, it can be hard to decide, and a lot of the advice seems to conflict with one another. In a recent Bing Webmaster Blog post though, senior product manager Duane Forrester outlined some… more »

Web developers wave goodbye to Google Authorship


It seems only a matter of weeks since web developers were clamouring to incorporate Google Authorship into their site templates, in order to have their byline and Google+ profile image appear alongside their entries in the search results. Now Google have scrapped it completely, with an announcement that these bylines and images simply will not… more »

Boom time for online marketing as ecommerce intentions double


Online marketing is undergoing an unprecedented boom time, with many categories of ecommerce seeing buying intentions double and even triple. According to a Nielsen report, more than half of the 22 product categories it tracks have seen shoppers’ buying intentions double since 2011, with several tripling in that time. The list of high-growth segments is… more »

Canals, bicycles and web frameworks


This week two of our developers are jetting off to an international development conference held in Amsterdam, called Laracon. The conference is spread over three days and revolves around Laravel, the open-source backend framework that First Internet has used in its new bespoke codebase. It will feature both a networking and community day with opportunities… more »

Moving towards touchscreen web design for desktop templates

Touch Screen

The rise of tablets and smartphones has led to a transformation in touchscreen web design – many sites now opt for an entirely separate mobile template optimised for touch, or use responsive CSS to remove page elements that depend on actions like ‘hover’ or ‘mouseover’, which are all but meaningless on mobile devices. But the… more »

A picture paints a thousand words…and more!

Photography Manchester

As most SEO companies will tell you, you can’t have a good website without good content.  Good content however doesn’t just mean the written text on your website; it’s about website photography as well.  They say a picture paints a thousand words, and this can make an image easier for your website visitors to take… more »

B2B digital marketing spend – does it add up?

We’ve been running the sums on the latest IDM B2B Barometer, to see if the figures stack up in terms of companies’ B2B digital marketing spend, and it makes for interesting reading. First of all, the headline statistic has to be that 56% of marketers have seen their budget increase in the past 12 months… more »

50 billion images. (Or Print vs Digital Part 2)


As a digital project manager, assisting clients with content management is often a significant part of the role. Tom discussed in a recent post that good photography is crucial to a good website and as an agency, we are meticulous in ensuring the very best image is used to portray the correct message. Managing and… more »

Why Manchester webmasters should go secure to boost SEO rankings


Manchester webmasters, listen up – there’s a new way to boost SEO rankings, and it involves making your website secure. It can often feel like Google give with one hand, and take away with the other, and certainly when they switched to HTTPS for search queries, it took a lot away from most webmasters’ keyword… more »

Print vs. Digital: Which is Best?


Print media is often neglected these days as a less important part of branding and marketing. With tighter budgets and deadlines I can see why it is falling by the wayside, in favour of shiny new interactive media, but I still think it has great value. Henry Jenkins, celebrated author on the topic, writes about… more »

Google Pigeon boosts prospects for local SEO further

Google Pigeon

Have you heard of Google Pigeon – the search engine’s latest algorithm update, which targets local SEO – since its introduction around the end of June? As always, these things take some time to shake out, and the first outcomes of Google Pigeon have not been wholly positive. The update appears to be based on… more »

The Social Side of the Commonwealth Games


Social media is used by many of us daily and this is no different for the athletes and sponsors that are taking part in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. The 2014 Commonwealth Games is fully underway now and with 4,950 athletes and 2,000 performers there are plenty of things to be tweeting about. Users were… more »