Blogging on the right side of the law


Modern digital marketing agencies offer a broad range of services, not only including online advertising and pay per click, along with the mature methods of SEO, but also ever-evolving social media and content marketing such as blogging. But a case from France highlights why it can be safer to outsource blogging to your digital marketing… more »

Always On: Millennials, smartphones and social media

smartphone design

Social media and mobile website design are among the key aspects of online marketing Manchester companies carry out week in, week out – but just how engaged are potential customers with social networks and smartphone-based web access? If your customer base is in the Millennials demographic, currently aged in their 20s-30s, the answer is that… more »

Snappy marketing inspired by Luis Suarez


With the World Cup final breaking Twitter and Facebook records, boasting more interactions than the Super Bowl, and more than 672 million tweets overall, it is ever clearer how integral social media has become in world events. Celebrities, civilians and brands alike were Tweeting and Facebooking throughout the tournament and advertisers were shifting ad budgets… more »

World Cup SEO: Rooney wide of the mark (again)

The Google Official Blog has published some of the top search trends in World Cup SEO, and for England fans they do not make for inspiring reading. Following the England team’s worst-ever World Cup performance (apart from the times they failed to qualify at all), you might imagine that events like Wayne Rooney’s first-ever goal… more »

The line is just a dot to you!

Kat Halsall

Google loves to keep us on our toes and is constantly moving the goal posts, just last week they dropped some of the key features of Google authorship – a project it’s been pushing and promoting since 2011. With Google’s continuous updates and changing of direction it is imperative to cover all bases and compliment… more »

Facebook under fire for ‘Can we depress our users?’ experiment


The social network Facebook has come under fire from its users for going ahead with a secret experiment to determine whether it could effectively cause negative emotions among its user base by manipulating their exposure to news stories in their Facebook feed. Although the study was short – it lasted for just one week in… more »

At-the-match web access finally kicks off


Marketers love a captive audience, which goes some way to explain why local SEO is such a growth industry – but ‘audiences’ in the literal sense have always represented something of a challenge. Anyone who has ever attended a major sporting event will have shared in the frustration of wanting to text or tweet about… more »

Eye Catching, Creative, Memorable Marketing Campaigns


While watching the opening games of the world cup, I stumbled across what I thought was a very clever and quite funny advert from Aldi starring Graham Taylor, ex England manager and the infamous turnip. Check it out at the end of this blog post. Adverts and marketing have always been an interest and a… more »

Google’s ‘Right to be Forgotten’ requires a cultural shift in search

Right to be forgotten

The so-called ‘Right to be Forgotten’ has been causing problems for Google in recent weeks, after an EU ruling that the search engine must delist negative results about individuals, once they are no longer deemed to be relevant. But where does that leave search – are we entering an age in which the individual will… more »

Customer service gets social


Social media, of some kind, must form part of your marketing strategy in 2014 and beyond. The rise in social media has influenced customer and brand behaviour on so many levels. Twitter and Facebook in particular are now where customers go to voice their opinions on your brand and this new channel for expression has… more »

Google helps webmasters spot World Cup trends

google world cup trends

The Google Trends World Cup microsite has launched to coincide with the start of the FIFA tournament, and it provides a one-stop resource to track search trends and even national moods as the match results begin to come in. As a result, webmasters not only have the chance to see what words and phrases are… more »

For safety is not a gadget but a state of mind


At First Internet we have had to deal with security issues from time-to-time. We take the protection of our clients data very seriously and always endeavour to keep it as safe as possible, but that doesn’t mean we don’t face complications. Knowing this and being capable of reacting accordingly is what is important. Several months… more »

‘Social’ goes real-world at SAScon search and analytics conference

SAScon, the Manchester-based Search, Analytics & Social Media Conference, took place on Thursday and Friday of this week, with the promise of “some seriously hardcore late-night social sessions”. If that sounds like a web marketer’s description of a Twitter hashtag campaign, then it’s not far from the truth, as the event is aimed at webmasters,… more »

Hold on to your hats, Dot UK is coming!

Rachel Cunnane

From June 10th, the new .uk domain will be available to register, offering another piece of digital space to build your business on with a clear connection to the UK. One of the benefits of investing in the new, shorter URL is that the visitor’s attention is shifted away from all the w’s and dots… more »

Getting your Google+ headshot into the search results

Google Authorship, powered via your Google+ profile, is a good way to help give your web pages some personality when they appear in the search results, and offers a different kind of SEO than simply trying to improve your rank. But one of the sticking points for many webmasters is that Google might simply choose… more »

Our new Laravel codebase

Tom Parson

Back in February I told you all about our plan to rebuild our internal codebase. Briefly, a codebase is basically a set of code that acts as a foundation for developers to use to jumpstart projects and to provide a lot of useful and common CMS functionality from the outset, so we can spend more… more »

What does Panda 4.0 mean for SEO?

It’s a question that will be asked countless times in the days to come, but just what does Panda 4.0 mean for SEO? The latest instalment of Google’s headline-grabbing algorithm update was announced on May 21st (UK time) by Matt Cutts – “Google is rolling out our Panda 4.0 update starting today” via his Twitter… more »

In need of a new playlist?


Hello there. I’m the newest member of the First Internet team, so be kind! I hail from North Wales with a background in digital marketing and promotions, largely working in the music and arts industries. Music is a huge passion of mine as a performer and as a gig-goer, Manchester’s rich culture and history steeped… more »

Big Data, maximise the potential for your business


Online growth and the ability to capture and manipulate data like never before has led us to coin the phrase Big Data. Big Data is the latest buzz word in the internet world and something that already impacts on just about every UK citizen. It is something anyone who uses or trades on the internet… more »

What does the EU Google privacy ruling mean for SEO?

Earlier this week, the EU Court of Justice ruled that Google (and in particular, Google Spain) must deindex two articles dating back to 1998, and reporting a real estate auction that followed a bad social security debt. The debtor, Mario Costeja Gonzalez, took legal action in 2010 based on the argument that, under data protection… more »