Modern web design is an ever-changing discipline, so how do you know if you’re getting it right?

Like it or not, Google have become the ‘world internet police’ when it comes to dictating what goes in modern web design – so make sure you’re keeping the leading search engine happy if you value your rankings.

Responsive web design is a must, although at a pinch you can still just about get by with a fixed desktop template and a separate mobile theme.

For the best performance though, make sure your web design elegantly readjusts itself for smaller screens, and especially that it works on smartphone resolutions.

One useful aspect of this is that it means you can make full use of the width of larger screens, while stacking elements vertically into a ‘taller’ page for smaller displays.

You can avoid having a very tall and thin page on widescreen desktop displays, where it is simply not appropriate for the screen resolution.

And if you’re a fan of big and beautiful logos, that’s acceptable in modern web design too – ‘above the fold’ is a less critical concept than it used to be, but try not to indulge yourself too much, as nobody wants to scroll for too long before they see any actual content.

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