Website development
Fascinating functionality that's easy to use..

A well planned and developed site, whether you require a small microsite, simple brochure site or ecommerce site, is the difference between an expensive upgrade path and a pain free one. We’re quite strict (in an incredibly friendly way, of course) about the processes put in place to ensure that you are delivered everything you expect from your web development project from the very beginning. A well-developed site can also ensure that your website is secure, hard wearing, and flexible for future developments.

Our creative and technical teams work closely together to ensure that the design and development of your site works in harmony.

Mobile friendly websites and responsive web development

Developing your website so that it is accessible across a number of different devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and desktops, is fast becoming an essential consideration for your website.

While mobile versions of websites and mobile apps have their place, in most cases it's recommended that you develop your site using responsive technology to ensure users on all devices are seeing the same website, in slightly different formats. Take a look at our portfolio piece on London barristers' website 1KBW for more information.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Once your website is launched you’ll need to be able to manage your site. Depending upon your requirements, First Internet will develop your site using one of three platforms, which all offer easy to use content management systems:

• WordPress, for simpler websites

• Magento, for simpler ecommerce websites

• Our in-house CMS built using the Laravel PHP framework, for truly bespoke solutions

We’ve been doing this for fifteen years and have an extensive portfolio for a huge array of clients in numerous industries. Take a look at our online portfolio or give us a call and we’ll happily talk you through work we’ve done for our clients.



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