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Six rules to follow for ‘killer’ web content

Rachel Cunnane

Not having enough content to “fill a page” is a common concern that we hear from our clients during the content population stage of building a website. Bulking out pages with filler content is unnecessary, exhausting (to write and to read) and ultimately, detrimental to the objectives of your website.

Searching online for quality information, products or services is a task that the majority want to complete quickly. Unfortunately, finding this quality through the millions of websites that are filled with reams of poor content is not a quick task. As a website manager you want readers/customers to find your website, stay on your website, complete their goal and remember you for next time. The key to guiding this process along is ‘killer’, and not filler, content.

In Killer Web Content, Gerry McGovern asks that writers consider these simple, but extremely effective, six rules or “the six Cs” before publishing online.

  1. Who CARES?
  2. Is it COMPELLING?
  3. Is it CLEAR?
  4. Is it COMPLETE?
  5. Is it CONCISE?
  6. Is it CORRECT?

If you can answer these questions confidently, then you are on to winning content. If you’re not sure, ask for feedback from your customers, colleagues, friends and family, it won’t matter if they aren’t an expert in your industry. In fact, asking someone who doesn’t have an understanding of the service or product you’re trying to sell could work in your favour. If they come away from your website with an understanding and, even better, an interest in your industry, then congratulations, your web content is killer.