Manchester based web design and marketing company, First Internet Marketing, has ventured into the music sector by producing a website for a revolutionary new concept – a modular harmonica system called Harmonix. offers different variations of the radical 21st century instrument. The innovative concept combines the traditional method of playing harmonica with the use of a cartridge system to change keys and a choice of rear mounted modules, all housed within a sleek, ergonomically styled body. Most notably, one of the modules includes a small microphone and houses a wireless transmitter for cable free operation.

Harmonix was designed by keen musician, Richard Smith, who has played the harmonica since he was six years old. Since the early 1990s he has played in a number of blues band, where the harmonica is traditionally a key instrument. Playing live often had the downside of experiencing feedback problems when using conventional microphones. It was this issue that led him to the arduous, six-year-long challenge of developing a completely new harmonica with a built-in microphone ?8364;” previously unknown in the music world.

The idea proved a great success and was duly patented before being released to the wider world. This led to endorsement from Sir Mick Jagger and time in the studio with Stevie Wonder and Chris Rea. Exposure to these outstanding musicians created the demand for a wireless instrument. The first electric harmonica has now evolved into the first wireless harmonica in the guise of Harmonix.

Richard originally employed First Internet to produce a website as an information carrier as well as to host the e.mail facility off the back of the site. First Internet has since re-developed the site to promote and distribute the different variations of Harmonix worldwide. There is also the facility to download three sample tracks from the Harmonix album.

He comments: “I’ve been delighted with the success of the website. It effectively communicates the products’ workings and benefits. The site has been a pivotal tool in promoting Harmonix worldwide. In addition, the back up service of First Internet is second to none so that when changes or alterations are needed they are implemented very quickly with very little disruption to the site”.

First Internet offers a comprehensive range of services, including: web design, e-commerce, search engine optimization and multi-lingual sites.

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