Many businesses and sole traders use Twitter as a key component in their social media marketing mix, but recent changes have made it increasingly easy to do this.

If you have never investigated Twitter as a way of reaching out to potential buyers, it is perhaps a better time than ever before to consider putting your customer service on to the social network.

First of all, the ‘follow back’ rule has been removed, meaning businesses can opt in to receive direct messages (DMs) from all Twitter users – the default is that only people you follow are authorised to DM you.

DMs can now be sent to multiple users, creating a kind of group chat within your Twitter direct messages, and this is ideal for all kinds of collaboration, including internal groups within your company.

The character count on DMs has just been lifted from 140 characters to 10,000 – close to an hour’s typing for the typical user, and a ‘limit’ that is unlikely to actually restrict you in any tangible way.

And with the option to embed quoted tweets, as well as to send images as part of your DM, rather than linking to them externally, your social media marketing can include supporting media from elsewhere on Twitter more easily than ever before too.

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