The much-maligned social network Google+ has had a lukewarm reception in the online marketing community ever since its launch.

Following a flurry of early-adopter sign-ups by those in the marketing industry itself, many people’s profiles have been left scarce of activity, leading some to abandon the network completely.

However, an Econsultancy report reveals why it is still worth incorporating Google+ into your overall online marketing mix – and why it might be wisest to put your profile in the hands of a search marketing agency.

In the Econsultancy UK Search Engine Marketing Benchmark Report 2013, client-side marketers and SEM agencies were asked for their views of how Google+ has affected their search campaigns.

Just 6% of client-side marketers reported a positive impact – and 1% claimed they have seen a negative impact, while a massive 63% simply did not know.

Among SEM agencies, just 28% were unsure of Google+’s effect; 0% reported a negative impact; 51% reported no change; and 20% cited a positive overall effect.

The platform is still finding its feet; however, with no negative impact for Google+ campaigns carried out by SEM agencies, it is worth incorporating it into your online marketing mix for the potential positive effects, raised clickthrough rates and increased search visibility offered by innovations like Authorship markup.

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