For obvious reasons, you’d expect users to be more focused on finding a dishy date rather than clicking on and engaging with ads, right?

As busy schedules and other commitments flourish, often people’s love lives suffer, resulting in online dating’s popularity growing rapidly. Brands have seen this as an opportunity to introduce themselves into the online dating hype. Here are two examples:






Starbucks and introduced The ‘Meet at Starbucks’ feature, making it easier for singles to pluck up their confidence and request that first coffee date.

According to Match, which was founded in 1995, more than one in three singles advised that enjoying a coffee together is a much-loved activity for a first date, whilst hundreds of thousands of users mentioned ‘coffee’ in their profiles. Given that Starbucks have witnessed marriage proposals, first dates and loved ones reuniting, the coffee shop couldn’t have paired up with a better company.

Match users can now send an invitation to another user to set up their date. Using the ‘Meet at Starbucks’ feature, they can email their potential date, alongside being able to find a convenient location using the Starbucks store locator.

Coffee lover’s can also display a Starbucks badge on their Match profiles, making it easier to connect and engage with like-minded Match users.



Winning the hearts of users, Tinder has become a part of many people’s everyday lives. With around 26 million ‘matches’ being made daily, brands such as Fiat 500, USA’s hit show- Suits, Budweiser and Domino’s have begun to scratch the surface of Tinder’s potential.

Back in February, Dominos’ Tinder campaign allowed women and men to swipe right for the chance to receive discounts and FREE pizza. To win, the Tinder user just had to match with Domino’s!

Iris Worldwide revealed that the campaign had reached over 230,000 people, resulting in over 700 Tinder Matches!

Together, Dominoes, Starbucks, Tinder and Match are generating a significant amount of first dates, making it easier than ever to find your true love.

Good luck, although we’re sure it won’t be needed!

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